Problems With JUS . Now my connection doesn't work

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    Hi everyone( sorry for my english, i'm from Chile). I,ve usually played JUS online( for about 3, 4 months), using The wi-Fi my router provides to my house ( browser, shops, they work perfectly ). The problem is that today, i can't connect to wi-fi using the game. It gave me The error code 20100.

    - I'm sure that i'm in a proper location ( the router is in the next room).
    - I'm sure that other devices ( Like this PC) aren't interfering with the signal.

    When i first configured the internet settings( over 3, 4 months ago) , i did this:

    - Tap on Dsi settings / internet / then, Connection 1 / search for an acces point / then, i find my signal / introduced WEP key / voila!. That configuration worked perfectly , until today.( i have repeated the process several times, but the problem persists)

    My router is a Zyxell P-600 series, I'm using a R4i NEO ( Maybe it has something to do with a PS3 , that was configured today with it's internet settings).

    It's very weird, cause the game ( wi-fi play ) doesn't work, but the browser and shop does, and, when i put on settings " test connection " , the console can succesfully connect to the internet. ( with the support code: 61312) ( but in the game, i tap connect to wi-fi, and the signal starts being green , but in a moment, it becomes red , and the game show me the error code)

    -Could Somebody help me? i have 3 days left of vacation, i'm desperate [​IMG]

    Thanx for reading

    see ya T_T