Problems with DSTWO manufacture?

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by dakaptin, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. dakaptin

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    Long story short, I picked up a 3DSXL to replace my DSL (and for Persona Q later this month) and decided a few days later to pick up a DSTWO to replace my faithful DSTT. It worked swimmingly the first time I booted it, then my two-week-old 3DS started throwing "An Error has Occurred" at me at each attempted boot. After a few times of that, I popped the thing in my old DSL to discover that it boots without quibble there. After testing a 3DS and NDS game on my 3DS, I also determined that it's not a hardware problem with my 3DS. A little research introduced me to the electrical tape trick, so I grabbed my screwdriver set and went about disassembling the cart. Tried loosening the single screw and didn't feel the least bit of resistance; tried to tighten it with the same result. Turns out the screw was fine, but the screw hole was completely stripped. Anyway, I slapped a piece of electrical tape behind the Supercard contacts, sealed it up as best I could without the screw, and popped the thing back in my 3DS. It works without a hitch now; only problem is that now there's a visible gap at the base of the cart that can't be closed with the screw, so the cart itself won't fully eject from my 3DS (pops up halfway and has to be jiggled loose) and won't eject at ALL from my DSL (the one attempt I made at inserting it had it jam, requiring a small flathead and a bit of jiggering to both have it lock in place and eject).

    Given how common the issue of failed contact between cart and 3DS console seems to be, is this just a problem of poor manufacture quality? If so, it's a damn shame; I like the cart an awful lot, especially since it seems to be the least common cart to get pinged by 3DS firmware updates, but I don't exactly cherish the idea of having that cart potentially fall to pieces on an attempted ejection because it's not completely sealed, nor do I want to drop another $40 on a new DSTWO if it's just as likely that the new one will have the same type of problem.
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    I too bought a Supercard DSTWO to replace my DSTT and I gotta tell ya, the casing around the cartridge is as shitty as it gets, its best to use electrical tape to seal the cartridge real tight (or use super glue) because the cartridge makes poor contact with the 3DS (at least mine and me ex-bf did)
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