Problems converting avi to dpg

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    Mar 20, 2009

    I have spent days going trough forums trying to find one person that has had the following problem and solved it.

    I use R4 for my DS with Moonshell. Any downloaded DPGs I have added to my R4 have played fine. I chose SUPER as my desired converter and began to attempt converting avi to dpg myself. I have avisynth and all latest k-lite codecs. When I convert I end up with a dpg file that often appears to be far to small in size even for a dpg. I then put it on my R4 and when I play it everything is fine untill about 5-10 minutes in it finishes. If I try to skip through the film then I can hear sound appropriate to the end of the movie but still only see video from the first 5-10 minutes. What the hell am I doing wrong.

    If anyone has had this problem or knows of a decent remedy ( not speculation ) please do help me because I am at a complete loss.

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    Feb 24, 2009
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    Super is really great as a converter.

    Try converting the Avi to a different format first, such as flv.

    Or, your avi is corrupted. I've had Avi problems before.