Problem with PS3 File Corruption

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    Feb 17, 2017

    So every time time I go into recovery mode and click Restore File System it always says that my data is corrupted ands need to be formatted. The problem is once I click it my HDD becomes corrupt, and I can't access my ps3, and I'm left no choice but to format erasing everything.

    Why does it do this? It never did this when I had a 320 GB HDD, I was able to Restore File System just fine, but with my new 1.5TB HDD it corrupts when I click Restore File System. Sometimes my PS3 freezes and the power button does nothing so the only way is to unplug the system. But when I do this and turn my system back on the message comes up that my data may be corrupted need to check file system, but I end up clicking no don't check because I'm afraid it'll force a reformat, and I don't want to reinstall all my games all over again.

    Is this bad that I click no? And is there a way to check the file system with it corrupting every time. This happened to me 3 times already.
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    It may just be incomatible, remember the official maximum is 1 TB, and that not all modern disks are stable when used on a SATA 1 system even though in theory SATA is backwards compatible (the same is true with crappier modern external drives on USB 1)