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  1. SF_WG

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    Aug 19, 2018
    Hi guys,

    yesterday I installed Homebrew on my Wii U to try out that sweet Zelda Mod for BOTW. I tried using FTPiiU Everywhere to install the mods instead of SDCafiine because I heard the latter often causes crashes and the mods stop working after some time. So I started making backups of the necessary files and replacing them but hit a wall soon after because for some reason I can neither down- nor upload certain files (most notably tex1 files, which are textures, I believe, but also some others). I always get the message "550 successful" followed by "Critical Data Transmission Error". On the Wii U I also get "Wrote Reply: Entering Passive Mode" each time this happens, followed by "Wrote Reply: 550 Success". I'm using FileZilla but I also tried another client and got the same problem. I already checked whether these files might have different permission settings for some reason but that's not the case. I really have no clue what the issue could be (I'm using Mocha CFW, which should work fine, right?).

    I'd be quite grateful for some help!
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