Problem installing a .cia

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    So i got Fire Emblem Fates (US) from the Internet in that console web, but there is a problem, a really annoying and bothersome problem, whenever i try to install it, no it doesn't says to me "Install Failed", rather, i'm succeeding as expected, my major issue is that each time i try to play the game, the console appears to me with an error saying "An error has occurred, hold down the POWER button to turn off the power, then turn it on to try again", with 3 cias, and one cia extracted from a legit rom.

    It is very weird, i'm using an O3DS with Rxtools in Emunand 10.5, and this problem has been for a while, I installed this game with both BBM and FBI, so any suggestion or tips for these kind of cases would be the most welcome!.
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    that typically will happen to a bad cia.