Pro Controller certain buttons randomly quit working

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    Exactly what the title says. I've had the Pro Controller since launch and never had a problem until the other night. The Pro Controller (playing in docked mode) will stop registering for about 5 seconds at a time or more, but only for certain buttons. I'll be playing Zelda and go to jump or pick something up and the button will not work, but other inputs still seem to work (or maybe I'm just crazy). I've also had where the NFC reader will quit working. Sometimes, the game will even 'hold down' buttons I'm not even pressing (maybe I was pressing them at the time the connection got wonky). I'm guessing this might have something to do with interference, because it didn't happen until I moved my dock from one TV to another. Now the system sits about six inches off the ground to my left within arms reach. It's possible that my lap is blocking the signal to the system, which is almost on the floor, but the controller is 4' away, max. Also, I've never heard of anyone having pro controller connection issues. And if it's an interference issue, why do some inputs still work (I'm pretty sure that's the case anyway, IIRC)? Plus, if I move the controller directly over the console, it still takes a few seconds to get the inputs to start registering again (although I'm not sure of the polling rate when trying to connect). Sometimes the Switch will recognize that the controller has disconnected and prompt me to press zL and zR, but most of the time it doesn't give me the prompt. If I switch over to the joy-cons, they work fine. Anybody experience anything similar? Any ideas?
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    sounds like a line of sight problem. try moving the dock so it has a direct line of sight to the controller and other devices. also don't have it too close 2-3 m apart if possible.
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