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    I have sky3ds and I never bothered to use that custom headers thig, but lately I thought about going online with games, so...
    I'm on 10.3 (with homebrew access) and I don't have any real carts. so I thought -
    1.can I make any private headers myself w/o any phisical copy of any game?
    2.can I extract that thing out of my eshop-downloaded games (like ironfall, badge arcade etc...)? does it even exist in the CIA format?
    3.my friend have a pokemon OR and he doesn't use the online gaming most of the time, so if I would extract the headers and inject them into my games (like pokemon AS, X,Y, or even smash bros) will I be banned? I mean, we can agree that once a week I can play and he won't, then all the remainning week he will go online and I won't. that way we will never be online simultaniuos. will it prevent the banning from nintendo?
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    You can't dump the headers unless you are 9.2 or lower anyway.
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    OK I have a friend that can give me his console which is on 7.x
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