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Jan 23, 2009
I'd like to ask for advice about a small, albeit frustrating, issue that I am currently registering with the Preloader/Starfall region-free hacks. The problem in question concerns the ability to play every Wii (original) game in 480p.

I have recently downgraded my system from 3.3E (the first version) to 3.2E, without any apparent hassle.
Given the fact that I already own 2 NTSC-U titles, I was quite fascinated by the chance of booting them directly from my PAL System Menu, without resorting to manual rebooters or other similar software.
Unfortunately though, when starting said games through the Disc Channel (after applying the needed patches and following accurately all the instructions), they boot and play quite fine but the video mode is constantly stuck at 480i.
By the way, these NTSC games are 'Smash Bros. Brawl' and 'Okami', which are known to be compatible with Progressive Scan output.

I have attempted further tests on the matter and noticed that:
- every PAL game that supports 480p (like 'Mario Galaxy' or 'Twilight Princess') is correctly displayed in that mode, as always
- if I directly load any 480p-compatible NTSC game with GeckoOS 1.7b (through the Homebrew Channel), it also boots and displays them properly in that format.

Therefore, I suppose that this problem specifically concerns the patches "bundled" with Preloader and Starfall.

Some details about my overall settings:
- I'm currently on 3.2E, with Preloader enabled to autoboot the System Menu with several hacks
- I have applied the hacks.ini that were provided by fishears in the 'Preloader 0.25' thread itself.
- I didn't operate any drastic change to the system, except for the installation of Preloader and cIOS rev07.

That's it, basically. Surely it's just a minor gripe, but if you could provide any help on the matter it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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