Powering external HDD, can this solution damage my PS3?

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    So I got one of those 2.5 HDD cases that use energy from 2 USB ports to power the HDD for a PS3 that has only 2 ports.

    Since I need to conect more stuff, however, I'm using one of these:

    Even If I connect both ends of the cable to it, the power drawn to the HDD seems not to be enough so , I conected the power supply-only part of the hard drive cable to a mobile charger (1A AC to USB transformer) and it works great. However, energy seems to be reaching the HUB itslef, aside the HDD: even when I have the PS3 powered off the hub led stays on, while I have the HDD connected.

    My question is: can this power 'input' damage my PS3?