Hacking postloader problems: red color and nintendont


Dec 9, 2013
I have a few minor problems, first to show my setup:
PAL first gen wii WITHOUT the disc drive (so no native launching of games and stuff)
Scart cable
NEEK2o emunand on my usb HDD

And now the problems:
1) I am using only pal games for the time being, i dont know if neek2o has region free, but all pal games and channels are working fine, except new super mario bros wii. That game cannot be booted from the disc channel emulation and once booted from postloader, it is all red only. Some other hombrew have this problem too. Many of which are red just for a split second while booting and then fix, but some are still completely red, like trying to boot my realnand nintendont through postloader from emunand just makes nintendont all red and then it freezes. The problem is probably caused by having a scart cable and the games/homebrew somehow launching in NTSC mode.

Is there an option to force PAL mode in games and homebrew through postloader/nekk2o or any other setup?

2) I wanna use postloader, as it's the easiest solution for me, but i dont see an option to use nintendont with it. I thought i read somewhere that it's compatible, but i see only DiosMios compatibility. Is there an option to launch games from postloader through nintendont?

Thanks for helping out a noob, i will be waiting for responses. Have a nice day and game on.

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