Post-A9LH-install "updated sysnand" mode questions

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  1. mooglazer

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    I used Plailect's guide and successfully set up "updated sysnand" mode A9LH+10.6U on my JP n3DS with Cakes. Previously, I had a region-changed emunand (10.6U) which I have since flashed to sysnand. Everything seems to be working perfectly. (Well, except eShop, but that's a known issue with region-changed systems.)

    I used this tutorial, for reference:

    I had a few questions:
    • I used felipejfc's web-based compiler to get my arm9loaderhax.bin. Is there any downside to this, or any files I will need in the future that aren't provided by using the web compile?
    • Per the tutorial, it suggests enabling "Block FIRM partition updates" in Cakes, which I've done. At this point, when a new system update is released, is updating sysnand simply a matter of updating via system settings?
    • The tutorial installs delebile's fork of arm9loaderhax. Currently, there's no updater for it. Should I use dark-samus's updater when an update to arm9loaderhax is released?
    • If I wanted to drop back to 9.2 sysnand (with A9LH), would I simply use arm9loaderhax installer with my 9.2U nand backup (as NAND.bin) at the root of my SD? Is there any real benefit to having an 9.2U+A9LH sysnand vs a 10.6U+A9LH sysnand?
    • Based on the tutorial, I removed the emunand partition from my SD card. To create an emunand, is it the normal process of partitioning my SD card and then cloning my pre-A9LH 10.6U image into emunand?
    • How do I go about unlinking Sysnand/Emunand in the future, if I decide to set up an emunand? Should I simply use TinyFormat while in Sysnand, or will this wipe A9LH?

    Thanks for your help!
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  2. Ericjwg

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    1. no, it's just convenient .
    2. yes, as long as you are 100% sure the firm protection is enable.
    3. I'm not sure about this one...
    4. to restore back to 9.2, you need to run decrypt9(a9lh of course...), and use the restore feature. 9.2 + a9lh is more likely from people prefer use emunand instead of integrating to sysnand, other than this, no difference.
    5. if the fat partition on your sd card still exist, simply using decrypt9 restore the old emunand backup:). otherwise, you should backup all the sd card data, and use emunand9 to create a fat partition
    6. which one you want to keep? emunand? or sysnand? to keep emuand, format your sysnand with sd unplugged. to keep sysnand.... just delete partition and the relevant folder under "Nintendo 3DS" dir
  3. daxtsu

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    TinyFormat doesn't wipe A9LH or FIRM0/FIRM1, if it did, it'd brick your 3DS. It doesn't really matter which one you unlink/use TinyFormat on, as far as I know.
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