possible crack on my ds?

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    Jul 23, 2008
    okay, i've had my ds lite for about 2.5 years. so far, i haven't had any problems with it apart from the battery dieing quite quickly but i replaced it with a new one recently. anyway, today i was just playing it and then i happen to notice a faint crack on the right underneath the hinge. heres where it is (red line):


    i can't believe i only just noticed it but maybe because i always thought that it was meant to be like that. upon inspecting it further, it was actually quite bad. whenever i open it, the crack widens. now i'm afriad to do anything with it :[ i can't say i have been keeping it safe (dropped 2 or 3 times, opening and shutting the ds quite violently) but i thought it would hold. but when researching more on this, it is quite common than i expected with multitudes of pictures everywhere of broken ds through cracks.

    so i just want to know, how long will it hold before the 2 screens begin to fully separate?

    also, i've seen images of the 2 screens almost separated but the game still playable 0_o