possible 3dsware running on gateway? .cia file ext....

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    ok so i cant give out links but bigbluebox released super mario bros deluxe (a gameboy color game) and going to one of the warez sites..i happen to use someone mentioned it being possible that it works with the new gateway update? whats this about? i know something like this might have been nice in the noob paradise section but my question would have been flooded over by something else please someone enlighten me on this?
  2. Falo

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    *.cia files are like *.wad on the wii, they are encrypted archive files that needs a custom (homebrew) installer to work.
    There is no way to play these from a flashcard, you need to install them first.

    But the ticket is missing, so maybe they are incomplete dumps and not playable at all.
    Well it's an 3ds-explorer error, the ticket is there, no idea whats wrong...
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    usually i would agree with you Falo, but if memory does not fail me, there was a video of the new 3ds-flash-card, which shows an e-shop title played from the flashcart, in similar fashion to retail games. i assume you would have to convert the eshop title beforhand, but it seems possible.
    OT: i guess it could be possible, but if it was common knowledge, the frontpage of gbatemp would have mentioned it. so, this far i dont think anything was puplicly released

    the video mentioned
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    The games that were shown in this video come in the usual .3ds format.
    .cia files on the other hand are found for update files or those apps like youtube etc.