Possible 2 install d2pro on my wii?

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    Nov 7, 2008
    Hello, I'm wondering is it possible 2 get my wii chipped with an d2pro. I've got this great website lined up.

    Details of my wii:
    NTSCU WII 3.3U
    Serial number:LU317497623
    RATING:12V=45W if thats any help [​IMG] Also this site cost me £60 for the chip and them 2 install good offer ? I'm in the uk and soes this company.

    My wii work's with mario and sonic olympic games backup but apart from that no luck with mario kart. I updated on mario kart PAL(ntscu wii i noe stupid me) by accident AND I'm not sure if its semi-brickked my wii even tho i can access all settings go net etc. Does the version of my wii (3.3U) affect if i can play backups?

    P.s I'm living in the uk so i cant buy any games in shops... so thats even more unhelpful
    (bloody nitendo!! why,why and why did they have to make different regions). Thx for replying in advanced.

    gamesworlddirect any1 got reviews on this site for modding ? [​IMG]
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