Pokemon White Freezes

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Mar 7, 2011

Pokemon White Freezes by Klonoa00 at 7:37 PM (1,060 Views / 0 Likes) 0 replies

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    Mar 7, 2011
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    First of all hi everyone, Completely new here although I've lurked for quite a while. I come to you with a small problem I haven't been able to fix on my own for quite some time.

    I'm using Wood 4 Dstt 1.25 on a Dstt card, unsure if clone or not. And when I run pokemon white, patched or none patched it always freezes at a black screen right after Juniper finishes talking and the game fades out. it just stays black and never fades back in. I've tried a few things but no dice.

    Some details:

    1. Using Pokemon White EUR version
    2. The game gets error code=4 on both YS Menu and the regular DStt menu.
    3. I tried using the universal patcher from filetrip with no dice.
    4. I've googled until i couldn't google no more, no luck thus far.

    Any insight is appreciated and, if this is posted on the wrong forum, early apologies. I don't know much about this site yet to be honest. [​IMG]

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