Pokemon soul silver, it's possible this hack?

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by Butterhands, Apr 26, 2015.

  1. Butterhands

    Butterhands Member

    Jul 22, 2014
    I want restore 3 items missing in the remake: Berserke gene, rage candy bar and Slowpoké tail, rage candy and slowpoké tail are present but key items, they must be regular items, Slowpoké's Tail have a price of 9800$, Rage candy of 300$ and the rage candy bar must be a medicine that recover 20 HP and both cannot be held, like Kurt's balls. This 2 items after must be present into the mart of Maoghany town, I don't know how hack the mart! Berserk gene it's an held item that have the same effect of the move Swagger and once used disappear the price is of 200$. Only the Berserk gene should be held and if the player save the game should return in the bag for avoid compatibility problems with other games, the griseus orb back to the bag if you save before the link, but not if you save normally, but is better if the berserk gene back into the bag with every save, because with the pokéwalker link on Viridian City is possible fight with the linket friend and also you can view the tiem held by the first pokémon of the party and if it held the berserk gene not is right, otherwise a way to block the pokéwalker link if your first pokémon held the berserk gene.

    I want also to add the function to delete the pokégear numbers, Joey it's boring and "steal" more important calls, because the game offer to you some calls and if are his calls not is right.

    I want also to restore the Slots routine from the original japaneese roms, but I want to have both, slots machine and Voltorb flip, is possible?

    I have done other little works for my hack, I have fixed the wrong musics respect the original Gold and Silver and some text, restored the game corner maps and text and restored the coin case into the underground of Goldenrod. I miss only this 3 things.
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