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    Mar 21, 2009
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    i know theres like a million other topics but i have an r4ds and the game works 100% , but sometimes when i load the game after playing a few other ones it just stays on a white screen when i load it basically freezing and stuff , if i delete the rom and put it back in it works fine but im pretty lazy and dont really want to lol , i used pokesav though so im thinking the sav datas corrupting the rom but i reallly dont want to delete the file if i dont have too any help is super appreciated [​IMG]

    aw sorry i put it in the wrong section :[! i was sure i clicked the other one
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    pokesav cant corrupt a rom and neither can a save file. Pokesav only messes with the save file. Its not like the save file and the nds file are one whole file.