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    Apr 16, 2018

    I want to know how does this game detect the date/time manipulation.

    I once tried to get more Rare Meals by changing the date. I don't think I was connected to the Internet in that moment --- actually, I'm not sure.

    I went and leveled up my Pokémon with those, then saved and changed the date to a day later.

    The Rare Meals weren't available, telling me to wait tomorrow.

    I tried changing the date to another day later, yet the Rare Meals still weren't available. I was getting scared.

    The next day, Rare Meals were still not available. I thought that was it. My legal-semi-legitimate run was over and just turned semi-legal. I would have to stop doing anything in order to not f↓¢k it up any worse.

    I did not know when, but Rare Meals became available all of a sudden. What?

    Tried to search "pokémon moon time traveling". Because that's what they call that in Animal Crossing, right? ...right?

    I found https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/187277-pokemon-moon/75513083

    It seems like some kind of spanish kid had some problems with that, too. A reply mentioned that it locks you out of the Plaza Shops for 48 hours after turning Wi-Fi on and "downloading the update".

    Would the game not punish me if I disable wireless functions?

    Then again, was I connected to the Internet?

    Has anyone investigated about this?
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