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    Is it possible, using 3-in-1 Expansion, (possibly loading it into Nor), to have the dongle method work on Diamond (or Pearl, or Platinum, whichever).

    (The dongle being where you insert a GBA cartridge and then play Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, and by having the GBA cartridge inside, it allows extra pokemon to be found)

    I've tried using Rudolphs 3-in-1 Exploader and loading it into NOR. But it doesn't show the name of the game (Let's say FireRed for the moment), it just says 'Start GBA Game.'

    Due to my lack of experience with my DS, is this normal? If I put in my actual GBA cartridges, would they say the same thing, or something else entirely (Such as the name of said game).


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    Yeah, it's normal [​IMG] Normal GBA cartridges say the same thing.

    Try playing Diamond normally, and you should see the effects of having a Pokémon GBA cartridge in [​IMG]