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    Hello this is just a few sources i have gathered so far to help the translators of the games. Just to clarify with everyone! I cannot translate myself and that or make patches myself, i am just bringing a lot of sources together to help the translators of the games. I hope this helps for those who can translate and make patches...

    UPDATE!! POKÉMON BLACK AND WHITE BETA ENGLISH PATCHES HAVE BEEN RELEASED!! GO TO http://projectpokemon.org/forums/showthrea...slation-Project TO DOWNLOAD IT!

    Here are a few links i have got so far:


    Here Is The Japanese Alphabet Translated:

    Jintriggers Translation Guide Download Link:

    The Main Menu With Images:
    From Top:
    -(Trainer Pic)(Trainer Name)
    -(Current Location)
    -Badges (# Of Badges) Pokedex (# Of Pokémon Seen)]
    -Play Time (Hours/Minutes)
    New Game
    Mystery Gift
    Battle Tournament
    Game Sync Options
    Wi-Fi Options
    Mic. Test

    Top Screen:
    Always Start On Wireless Play? Yes/No

    Bottom Screen:
    Wireless Play Will Greatly Increase The Fun In The Game, However, Please Do Not Use In The The Airport, Hospital Or Anywhere Where The Wireless Signal Might Interfere With Other Devices. This Setting Can Be Toggled In The C-Gear.
    The Options Screen.

    Credits Go To Sorrycostello

    Files That Have Already Been Located
    a/0/0/2 IS THE SCRIPT!!!!!
    a/0/0/4 Pokemon Sprites
    a/0/0/7 In-menu Pokemon sprites
    a/0/0/8 In-menu Pokemon sprites
    a/0/1/1 Contains the images for the fight menu/Model data for battle stages]
    a/0/1/4 *Are the overworld BTX files
    a/0/2/5 Item sprites
    a/0/3/0 [Touchscreen status]
    a/0/3/1 Player sprites
    a/0/3/2 NPC sprites
    a/0/4/1 Trainer sprites in combat
    a/0/5/2 Pokemon Sprites
    a/0/5/5 Pokemon types / movement type
    a/0/8/3 [Pokemon status menu]
    a/0/8/5 World map

    a/1/1/8 Keyboard
    a/1/2/0 Wifi club screen
    a/1/2/4 Pokemon types / movement type
    a/1/3/1 [Character Artworks]
    a/1/3/7 Battle Recorder
    a/1/3/9 DSi / DSi XL / LL Menu Screen
    a/1/4/3 Game Sync Screens
    a/1/5/1 Season Screens (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)
    a/1/6/4 Copyright Screen
    a/1/7/0 Player and his friend's Pictures
    a/1/7/1 CGear
    a/1/7/3 Balloons
    a/1/8/4 Trainer Sprites
    a/1/8/7 Mysterious Person 'N'
    a/1/9/7 Wifi and Wifi related models (example, world globe)

    a/2/0/1 [Certificate]
    a/2/0/2 [Certificate]
    a/2/0/5 [Starter's pictures/3D Models]
    a/2/0/6 Battle Subway Map
    a/2/0/7 Has model data (same as below)
    a/2/2/0 ['The End' Screen/3D Models]
    a/2/3/0 Has MDL0 files (3d models)
    a/2/4/4 Some Text (not the Script)

    Pokémon Black PokéDex Entries:
    Victini (494): A Pokemon that brings about victory. It's said that a Trainer partnered with Victini can win any battle.
    Tsutarja (495): It has high intelligence and a cool demeanor. When it's bathed in sunlight, its movements are sharpened.
    Janoby (496): It runs across the ground as if it were gliding. It confuses its enemies with quick movements, then takes them down with Vine Whip.
    Jaroda (497): It stops enemies in their tracks with only a glance. It amplifies solar energy inside its body.
    Pokabu (498): It nimbly avoids enemy attacks, and shoots fireballs from its nose. It roasts berries with its flames and eats them.
    Chaobuu (499): When the flame inside its body flares up, the speed and sharpness of its movements increases. In a pinch, it blows out smoke.
    Enbuoh (500): It ignites its fists with the flames on its chin and unleashes Fire Punches. A Pokemon that cares deeply for its comrades.
    Mijumaru (501): It fights with the shell on its stomach, using it to block attacks and immediately slash back.
    Futachimaru (502): It smoothly wields 2 shells as swords, and trains strictly to learn techniques.
    Daikenki (503): It downs opponents with one swing of the sword that's stored in its armor. It silences enemies with one glance.
    Minezumi (504): It stores food in its cheek pouches and continuously stands watch for days at a time. It uses its tail to communicate with its friends.
    Meerhog (505): It fires the berry seeds that are stored in its cheek pouches to attack. When it detects an enemy, its tail goes erect.
    Yorterrie (506): A smart Pokemon that bravely faces even strong opponents, but avoids unfavorable battles.
    Harderia (507): The cape-like black fur that covers its body is very tough. It reduces the damage it receives.
    Muurando (508): It rescues people who are lost in mountains made impassable by blizzard. Its long fur wards off the cold.
    Choroneko (509): It steals people's belongings for fun. Even the people it stole from quickly forgive its adorable antics.
    Leopardas (510): An elusive Pokemon. Its beautiful style and fur charm many Trainers.
    Yanappu (511): A Pokemon that lives in deep forests. When someone eats the leaf that grows from its head, their fatigue vanishes like it was never there.
    Yanakey (512): It fights violently by swinging its spiked tail around. The leaf on its head is extremely bitter.
    Baoppu (513): When angered, the temperature of the tassel on its head rises to over 300 degrees. It roasts berries in the tassel and eats them.
    Baokey (514): Sweet foods are its favorite. It converts them to energy, which stokes the fire inside its body.
    Hiyappu (515): The water it stores in the tassel on its head is packed with nutrients. If it's sprinkled on a plant, the plant grows big.
    Hiyakey (516): It stores water in the tassel on its head. If the water supply runs low, it sucks up water with its tail to replenish it.
    Munna (517): If your dream is eaten by a Munna, you forget the content of the dream. It always floats in the air.
    Musharna (518): Many dreams of humans and Pokemon are packed inside the smoke that comes out of its forehead.
    Mamepato (519): It's in its nature to listen to its Trainer's orders, but there are times when it can't understand difficult instructions.
    Hatohboh (520): Even if they're separated by a great distance, it can always find its way back to its Trainer.
    Kenhorou (521): The male shakes the adornments on its head to intimidate opponents. The female's flying ability exceeds the male's.
    Shimama (522): Its mane lights up when it discharges electricity. It communicates with its friends with the flashing of its mane.
    Zebraika (523): It's as fast and powerful as lightning. When Zebraiga runs at top speed, thunder rumbles.
    Dangoro (524): It has a hexagon-shaped ear. Its body has been compressed by the earth to a harder consistency than iron.
    Gantoru (525): When it's at full power, the orange crystals glow. It searches for groundwater in caves.
    Gigaiasu (526): It compresses energy in the core inside its body, and the attack it releases has the power to blow away a mountain.
    Koromori (527): It lives in dark forests and caves. It emits ultrasonic waves from its nostrils to map out its surroundings.
    Kokoromori (528): It fires all different frequencies of sound waves from its nostrils. It even emits a sound wave that shatters rocks.
    Moguryuu (529): The speed at which it burrows through the underground is over 50km/h. It's a match for an automobile running on the surface.
    Doryuuzu (530): Its drills, which evolved to steel, have the power to pierce through an iron plate. It excels at constructing tunnels.
    Tabunne (531): When it touches an opponent with the antennae on its ears, it discerns the opponent's physical condition and mood from the sound of its heart.
    Dokkorar (532): It fights by swinging a wooden plank around. When it can carry heavy planks without any discomfort, it's close to evolving.
    Dotetsukotsu (533): Even if it's attacked by a group of pro wrestlers, its toned, muscular body won't give an inch.
    Rohpushin (534): It's thought that the art of making concrete was learned from Rohbushin 2000 years ago.
    Otamaro (535): It produces a high-pitched alarm by vibrating its cheeks, and informs its companions of danger.
    Gamagaru (536): When it vibrates the lump on its head, not only does the water turn choppy, the ground shakes as if there was an earthquake.
    Gamageroge (537): It shoots a liquid that causes nerve paralysis from the lump on its head. It torments its opponent with vibrations.
    Nageki (538): Its power increases when it wears a belt. Wild Nageki knit vines together to make their own belts.
    Dageki (539): You can hear the sound the sound of fists striking trees and boulders coming from the mountains where Dageki train.
    Kurumiru (540): When it hatches from its egg, it's dressed in clothes made by Hahakomori. It hides its head in its hood when it goes to sleep.
    Kurumayu (541): Plants grow well in the forests where Kurumayu lives. This is because Kurumayu changes the fallen leaves into a nutritious substance.
    Hahakomori (542): When it finds a small Pokemon, it has the tendency to sew leaf clothing using its sticky string and arm blades.
    Fushide (543): It bites down and injects deadly poison. Even the large bird Pokemon that are its deadly enemy are rendered immobile by paralysis.
    Hoiiga (544): It's protected by its hard shell. It spins like a tire and viciously tackles its enemies.
    Pendora (545): It chases down enemies with fast movements and attacks with the horns on its head. It shows no mercy until it delivers the finishing blow.
    Monmen (546): When it's attacked, cotton flies from its body. The enemy mistakes the cotton for Momen, and it escapes in the interim.
    Erufuun (547): : It slips through the narrowest crack, just like the wind. It leaves white pilling behind.
    Churine (548): The leaf from its head, when chewed, is extremely bitter, but it has the effect of energizing a tired body.
    Doredia (549): Even veteran trainers have difficulty getting the beautiful flower to bloom. A Pokemon that's popular with celebrities.
    Basurao (550): The relationship between red and blue Basurao is so bad that they immediately fight each other. An extremely reckless Pokemon.
    Meguroco (551): It lives in the desert sand. The sun-warmed sand prevents its body temperature from lowering.
    Warubiru (552): It forms a group of several individuals. The membrane that covers its eyeballs protects its eyes from sandstorms.
    Warubiaru (553): It won't let any prey it happens upon escape. Its jaw has the power to bite chunks out of a car's body.
    Darumakka (554): When the flame inside its body is blazing, it runs around unable to calm itself. When the flame dwindles, it falls asleep.
    Hihidaruma (555): A flame burns at 1400 degrees inside its body, producing so much power that it can demolish a dump truck with its punch.
    Marakachi (556): It uses uptempo dancing and sound to drive away its natural enemies, the bird Pokemon who aim for its flower's seeds.
    Ishizumai (557): Since it secretes a fluid that dissolves rocks from its mouth, it can easily make holes in even the hardest rocks.
    Iwaparesu (558): Iwaparesu that are competing over territory battle violently. The one that has its shell broken loses.
    Zuruggu (559): It pulls its skin up to its neck in a defensive stance. The rubber-like elasticity reduces damage.
    Zuruzukin (560): They gang up on opponents that enter their territory and beat them to within an inch of their lives. They shoot an acidic bodily fluid from their mouths.
    Shinporah (561): It appears that it always flies the same route because it retains memories of protecting an ancient city.
    Deathmas (562): The mask Deathmas carries is its face from when it was human. Occasionally, it stares at it, sobbing.
    Deathkan (563): According to rumors, it swallows nearby humans and turns them into mummies. It likes to eat gold nuggets.
    Purotoga (564): It was revived from an ancient fossil. It can dive to depths of up to 1000 meters.
    Abagohra (565): It lives in oceans and on land. It possesses the power to punch holes in the hulls of tankers with its slaps.
    Achen (566): It's said to be the ancestor of bird Pokemon. It appears that it couldn't fly, and lived its life jumping from branch to branch.
    Archaeos (567): It gets a running start on the ground, then leaps into the air. It has the intelligence to cooperate with allies to bring down prey.
    Yabukuron (568): It prefers unsanitary places. It spews gas as if it was belching; if you inhale it you'll be laid up in bed for a week.
    Dasutodasu (569): It squeezes the opponent with its left hand, and finishes it off by spewing smelly, poisonous gas from its mouth.
    Zorua (570): It takes on the form of its opponent, surprising it. It seems that there are many occasions where it disguises itself as a quiet child.
    Zoroark (571): A Pokemon that bewitches opponents to protect the security of its pack. Its bond with its comrades is strong.
    Chillarmy (572): They brush their tails against each other's bodies as greeting. It keeps its tail groomed so it's always clean.
    Chillachino (573): Since its white fur is coated with a special resin, enemy attacks slide right off it.
    Gothemme (574): It amplifies its psychic power with its ribbon-like antennae. It's always staring fixedly at something.
    Gothimelle (575): It manipulates people and Pokemon with hypnosis. The victims are spirited away by Gothmiru while they're still asleep, according to prevailing legend. Gothilselle (576): The space around Gothzeru twists to resemble the starry sky from tens of thousands of light years away, as an effect of its immense Psychic powers. Uniran (577): It releases psychic power to repel attacking enemies. It communicates with its allies via telepathy.
    Doubran (578): Since it has a brain that split into 2 sections, there are times when it abruptly performs an unexpected action.
    Ranculus (579): When Rankurusu shake hands with each other, their brains connect over a network and their psychic powers are amplified.
    Koaruhii (580): A bird Pokemon that excels at diving. It swims around underwater to eat peat moss, its favorite food.
    Swanna (581): Groups of Swanna begin to dance with the breaking of dawn. The Swanna dancing in the middle of the group is the flock's leader.
    Vanipucchi (582): It blows out breath of -50 degrees. It creates snow crystals, and causes it to snow nearby.
    Vaniricchi (583): A Pokemon that lives on snowy mountains. It migrated south during the ancient ice age.
    Vaivanilla (584): It gulps down huge quantities of water and makes snow clouds inside its body. It torments its enemies with fierce blizzards.
    Shikijika (585): Its fur changes to match the color and scent of the grass in the fields and hills. It hides in the brush when it detects hostility.
    Mebukijika (586): It changes its habitat according to the seasons. People use Mebukijika's horns to determine when the seasons are changing.
    Emonga (587): It stores the electricity generated by the electric sacks in its cheeks within a membrane, and releases the electricity as it glides.
    Kaburumo (588): A mysterious Pokemon that evolves when it's hit by electrical stimulus while in the company of Chobomaki.
    Shubarugo (589): It flies around at high speeds and stabs enemies with its sharp spear. It bravely faces even unfavorable matchups.
    Tamagetake (590): It attracts victims with its Pokeball-like markings, then blows toxic spore. Why it resembles a Pokeball is a mystery.
    Morobareru (591): It dances to attract prey, wiggling the Pokeball-like mushrooms on both of its arms.
    Pururiru (592): It sinks to the bottom of the sea with its enemies' bodies still bound in its thin, veil-like arms.
    Burunkeru (593): If a lost ship sinks in Buringeru's habitat, the crew members' life force gets completely absorbed.
    Mamanboh (594): The special mucus membrane that covers Mamanbou's body has the effect of healing wounds.
    Batula (595): Bachuru that live in cities have learned how to absorb electricity from the outlets in private houses.
    Dentula (596): When it's attacked by an enemy, it spits out a lot of electricity-laced thread, and makes an electric barrier.
    Tesshiido (597): When it senses danger, it counterattacks by firing all of its spikes at once. It rolls away in the interim.
    Nuttre (598): It fights by brandishing its spiked tentacles. When it slams its steel spikes down, the destructive force shatters boulders.
    Gearl (599): The 2 bodies can only combine with each other. If they try to engage with other bodies, the gears won't mesh and they'll separate.
    Gigearl (600): It conveys how it feels to its friends by altering the direction of its rotation. If it's sufficiently angered, the rotations speed up.
    Gigigearl (601): The red core functions as an energy tank. It fires the charged up energy from its spikes around its circumference.
    Shibishirasu (602): A single Shibishirasu's electrical power is tiny, but when a group comes together, that power becomes as mighty at thunder.
    Shibibiiru (603): The circular markings are power generating organs. After wrapping around its opponent, it pushes the markings against them and releases electricity.
    Shibirudon (604): It crawls out of the water with the power of its arms, and attacks prey on the shore. In a flash, it drags them into the ocean.
    Rigray (605): It controls incredible psychic power. It constricts its opponent's brains with psychic power, giving them headaches.
    Oobemu (606): It manipulates its opponents' memories. It apparently flickers its tri-colored fingers to communicate with its friends.
    Hitomoshi (607): Hitomoshi's light burns brighter when it's sucked up a human or Pokemon's life energy.
    Lamplar (608): It's feared as an ominous Pokemon. It drifts unsteadily through town, searching for the souls of the deceased.
    Chandelar (609): It blazes when it absorbs a soul. It swings the flames on its arms to put opponents into a hypnotic trance.
    Kibago (610): It crushes berries with its fangs and eats them. Its fangs are replaced with new ones over and over, so they're always strong and sharp.
    Onondo (611): Since its broken fangs aren't replaced with new ones, it diligently polishes its fangs with river rocks after battling.
    Ononokusu (612): It has a kind nature, but it shows no mercy to anyone who invades its territory. It confidently challenges them with fangs that can cut steel.
    Kumashun (613): When it's in poor health, its mucus becomes watery, and the power of its Ice attacks diminishes as a result.
    Tsunbear (614): It freezes its breath at will. It's skilled at swimming, and swims around the northern sea catching prey.
    Freezio (615): When its body temperature increases, it turns to steam and vanishes. When its body temperature lowers, it reverts to its original ice.
    Chobomaki (616): When it's attacked by an enemy, it closes the cover of its shell as a defense. It fires a sticky venom through the openings in the cover.
    Agirudar (617): If its body dries out, it weakens. A thin membrane is wrapped around its body multiple times to protect against dehydration.
    Maggyo (618): Since its skin is tough, even if it's stepped on by a sumo wrestler, it doesn't care. When it releases electricity, its face becomes a smile.
    Kojofuu (619): It unleashes a flood of consecutive attacks to overwhelm the enemy. It slashes the enemy with its sharp claws.
    Kojondo (620): It handles the hair on its arms like a whip. The attacks from both arms are so fast that the eye can't track them.
    Crimgan (621): When the sunlight hits its wings, it warms its body. If its body temperature falls, it becomes unable to move.
    Gobit (622): Energy burning inside its body enables it to move, but what kind of energy this is is unclear.
    Gorog (623): It flies through the sky at mach speed. If the seal on its chest is removed, its energy becomes uncontrollable.
    Komatana (624): A Pokemon whose entire body is a blade. If the blade gets chipped in battle, it sharpens the blade with river rocks.
    Kirikizan (625): It leads a group of Komatana. They fight chaotically for the role of boss. Losers are expelled from the group.
    Buffalon (626): Even when it deals a violent headbutt, its bushy body hair absorbs the damage.
    Washibon (627): It crushes berries with its leg strength. It has the disposition to bravely stand against even the strongest adversary.
    Wargle (628): It fights for its friends' sake without any regard to danger. It can grab a car and fly all the way up to the heavens with it.
    Vulchai (629): Since its wings are small, it can't fly. When it's close to evolving, it throws off its skeleton adornments.
    Vuljina (630): It gathers bones to make its nest. It clutches weak prey in its talons and easily carries it all the way to its nest of bones.
    Kuitaran (631): It sucks up air through the hole in its tail to fuel the flame inside its body. It's Iront's natural enemy.
    Iront (632): Its body is covered in steel armor. It counters Kuitaran's attacks as a mob.
    Monose (633): Its behavior is to bite everything. As far as food, it eats anything. It's dangerous to approach carelessly.
    Jihead (634): Once it eats all the prey in its territory, it moves on to a different area. The 2 heads don't get along.
    Sazando (635): A brutal Pokemon that flies continuously through the sky on its 6 wings, marking everything that moves as an enemy and attacking.
    Meraruda (636): People have come to believe that this Pokemon was born from the sun. When it evolves, its entire body is wrapped in flames.
    Urgamoth (637): It's said that when the surface was blackened by volcanic ash, Urugamoth's flame became a substitute for the sun.
    Cobalon (638): A legendary Pokemon that fights humans in order to protect Pokemon. It has a serene nature.
    Terrakion (639): It battles humans in order to protect Pokemon that lost their habitats due to human wars.
    Viridion (640): A Pokemon that challenges humans to battle in order to protect its comrades. Its legend has been passed down for generations.
    Torneros (641): Its lower half is wrapped in a cloud like body of energy. It flies through the sky at 300 km/h.
    Voltros (642): The lands Voltoros passes through are left with countless scars and scorch marks from the fallen thunder.
    Reshiram (643): A Pokemon that appears in myths. It spouts flames from its tail, scorching everything.
    Zekrom (644): Its tail produces electricity. It conceals its body in a thunder cloud and flies through the skies of the Isshu Region.
    Landros (645): Since the lands that Randorosu visits bear large harvests of crops, it's called the god of agriculture.
    Kyurem (646): It produces powerful freezing energy inside its body, but its body is frozen by the chill that seeps out.
    Kerudio (647): It spouts water from its hooves, and moves across the water's surface as if it was gliding. It fights with its special foot techniques.
    Meloetta (648): It sings with a unique vocalization, and freely manipulates the emotions of creatures who hear its melody.
    Genosect (649): 300,000,000 years ago it was feared as the ultimate hunter. Team Plasma modified it.

    Pokémon White PokéDex Entries:
    Victini 494: It produces infinite energy inside its body. When it touches an ally, it shares the energy.
    Tsutarja 495: It bathes its tail in sunlight and undergoes photosynthesis. If it runs out of energy, its tail droops.
    Janoby 496: It slips through the shadows of overgrown plants to avoid attacks. It skillfully whips the enemy to counterattack.
    Jaroda 497: It raises its head high to intimidate opponents. In only becomes serious when fighting a strong enemy.
    Pokabu 498: It snorts flames from its nostrils. When it has a cold, this becomes black smoke instead of flames.
    Chaobuu 499: A flame burns in its stomach, fueled by the food it eats. When it's angry, its fire power increases.
    Enbuoh 500: It has a beard of flames. It possesses both power and speed and has learned grappling techniques.
    Mijumaru 501: The shell on its stomach is made from the same material as claws. It detaches it from its stomach and uses it as a small sword.
    Futachimaru 502: The attacks it performs with the shells attached to its body differ from one Futachimaru to antoher. It never fails to maintain its shells.
    Daikenki 503: A portion of the armor on its forelegs becomes a large sword. It only needs to roar to pacify its enemies.
    Minezumi 504: They're very wary and take shifts to keep a continuous watch over the area around their nest. If a guard isn't present, they get nervous.
    Meerhog 505: The pattern on its body shines and intimidates its enemies. It has eyes that can see its surroundings even in the dark.
    Yorterrie 506: The long hair that covers its face is an excellent radar. It adeptly senses what's happening in its surroundings.
    Harderia 507: It's obedient to its Trainer's orders. It's been an assistant to Trainers who raise Pokemon since long ago.
    Muurando 508: Its specialty is rescuing people who are in accidents at sea or in the mountains. A very smart Pokemon.
    Choroneko 509: It enchants people with cute behavior, then uses the opportunity to steal their belongings. When angered, it unsheathes its claws and strikes back.
    Leopardas 510: It sneaks up without any indication. Before the opponent notices, it stealthily takes them down from behind.
    Yanappu 511: It shares the leaves on its head with exhausted Pokemon. They have the effect of curing fatigue.
    Yanakey 512: It attacks by slamming the opponent with its spiked tail. A Pokemon with a violent temperament.
    Baoppu 513: It lives in volcanic caves. The inside of its head tassel burns at a temperature of 300 degrees.
    Baokey 514: A flame burns inside its body, and it scorches enemies by scattering sparks from its head and tail.
    Hiyappu 515: It's weak in dry environments. It moistens the tassel on its heads with water stored in its tail.
    Hiyakey 516: It fires high-pressure water from its tail with the force to destroy a concrete wall.
    Munna 517: It eats the dreams of humans and Pokemon. When it eats a fun dream, it spits out pink smoke.
    Musharna 518: It makes the dreams it ate materialize. The smoke that leaks out of its forehead changes the form of the things materialized from dreams.
    Mamepato 519: A Pokemon that lives in towns. Since they're social, they gather in large groups in parks and plazas.
    Hatohboh 520: It's said that the forests where Hatohboh lives are peaceful regions free of strife.
    Kenhorou 521: The male has adornments on its head. It never grows attached to any human other than its trainer.
    Shimama 522: It appears when thunderclouds cover the sky. It catches thunder and stores the electricity in its mane.
    Zebraika 523: It has a violent nature. When angered, it shoots electricity from its mane in all directions, so be careful.
    Dangoro 524: It was discovered inside a fissure following a great earthquake 100 years ago. It has an energy core inside its body.
    Gantoru 525: Energy that seeps out of its body clumps up and turns into orange crystals.
    Gigaiasu 526: The orange crystals that grow from its body absorb sunlight. The energy is amplified inside its body and expelled through the mouth.
    Koromori 527: It adheres to cavern walls with suction from its nostrils and sleeps there. A heart imprint is left in the places where it adhered.
    Kokoromori 528: Anyone who bathes in the ultrasonic waves it emits during courtship is put into a very happy mood.
    Moguryuu 529: It puts its claws together, spins its body at high speed, and drills through the earth at dizzying speeds.
    Doryuuzu 530: It makes its labyrinth-like den 100 meters below the surface. The dens were exposed by subway tunnels.
    Tabunne 531: It has extraordinary hearing. It catches information about its surroundings from faint noises, just like a radar.
    Dokkorar 532: It always carries a plank of wood. This Pokemon appears at construction sites to help with building.
    Dotetsukotsu 533: It tones its body by shouldering steel beams. It shows its toned muscles off to its friends.
    Rohpushin 534: It freely wields the concrete beams that it uses as walking sticks, without tapping all of its strength.
    Otamaro 535: It vibrates its cheeks and emits sound waves that are inaudible to humans. It communicates with the sound waves' rhythm.
    Gamagaru 536: It lives in the water and on land. It catches prey by entangling it in its long, sticky tongue.
    Gamageroge 537: It makes the lumps on its fists vibrate to double the power of its punches. It can pulverize a boulder in one strike.
    Nageki 538: It can throw opponents that are larger than itself. It always makes packs with 5 members.
    Dageki 539: The destructive power of its punch grows when it puts on its belt and lets out a battle cry. It gets angry if you interrupt its training.
    Kurumiru 540: It cuts up leaves and sews them together with sticky thread from its mouth. A Pokemon that makes its own clothes.
    Kurumayu 541: It wraps its body in a leaf to ward off the cold. It moves through the forest eating nearby fallen leaves.
    Hahakomori 542: It warms its eggs with the heat of fermenting fallen leaves. It makes blankets for Kurumiru out of leaves.
    Fushide 543: It feels out its surroundings with the antennae on its head and tail. It has an extremely brutal nature.
    Hoiiga 544: It usually doesn't move, but if it's attacked, it rolls around at high speeds and rams the enemy to fight back.
    Pendora 545: It thrusts the claws on its head into its opponents' bodies and poisons them. It has a very aggressive nature.
    Monmen 546: It goes wherever the wind takes it. Since its body grows heavy in the rain, it waits out the storm under the roots of trees.
    Erufuun 547: It appears riding a whirlwind. It's a Pokemon that enters houses through cracks and causes mischief.
    Churine 548: Since it prefers soil with an abundance of moisture and nutrients, fields where Churine lives produce excellent crops.
    Doredia 549: The aroma of the flowers on its head has a relaxing effect. If you neglect to trim them, they wither.
    Basurao 550: Red and blue Basurao don't get along, but somehow a different colored individual got mixed into the school.
    Meguroco 551: It moves by burrowing through the sand with only its eyes and nose above the surface. A black membrane protects its eyes.
    Warubiru 552: Since the special membrane around its eyeballs perceives body heat, it can see its surroundings even in the dark.
    Warubiaru 553: It has eyes that can magnify things that are far away, just like a pair of binoculars.
    Darumakka 554: Since Darumakka's droppings are hot, ancient people put them in their pockets to warm their bodies.
    Hihidaruma 555: When it's weakened in battle, it becomes motionless like a rock. It's honed its mind and battles with force of will.
    Marakachi 556: It lives in arid lands. When it moves its body rhythmically, it plays a sound similar to maracas.
    Ishizumai 557: It makes a hole in any rock that's handy and nests there. If the rock is destroyed, it won't rest until it finds a replacement.
    Iwaparesu 558: It has the stamina to walk across arid land for many days with a heavy rock on its back.
    Zuruggu 559: It immediately launches a Headbutt attack at any enemy who locks eyes with it. It has a very hard skull.
    Zuruzukin 560: The one with the biggest crest is chosen as the group's leader. Its kicking attacks demolish concrete blocks.
    Shinporah 561: The guardian deity of an ancient city. It attacked invaders with psychic powers.
    Deathmas 562: It was born from the soul of a human buried in an ancient tomb. It still has its memories from long ago.
    Deathkan 563: It pretends to be an elegant casket, then punishes grave robbers. Its body has a solid gold coating.
    Purotoga 564: It swam the oceans roughly 100,000,000 years ago. It also came up on land to capture prey.
    Abagohra 565: The power of its jaws is incomparable. It chomps down on steel beams and rocks and devours them along with its prey.
    Achen 566: A Pokemon that was revived from a fossil. It is thought to be the ancestor of all bird Pokemon.
    Archaeos 567: It excels at both running and flying. It catches prey running at speeds that could outpace a car.
    Yabukuron 568: When a garbage bag was exposed to industrial waste, a chemical change occurred and it became a Pokemon.
    Dasutodasu 569: It inhales garbage and makes it part of its body. It sprays venom from the fingertips of its right hand.
    Zorua 570: It disguises itself as humans and other Pokemon. By hiding its body, it protects itself from danger.
    Zoroark 571: It has the power to bewitch many people at once. It protects its habitat by displaying illusory scenery.
    Chillarmy 572: A Pokemon obsessed with cleanliness. It uses its tail as a broom to sweep the dust from its habitat.
    Chillachino 573: Its white fur feels luxurious. It never attracts dust or static.
    Gothemme 574: It patiently observes Pokemon and Trainers. It appears to be looking at something that only Gotheem can see.
    Gothimelle 575: Starlight is the source of its power. At night, it levitates rocks with psychic power and maps the position of the stars.
    Gothilselle 576: It has the ability to predict future events based on the movement of the stars. It can also see its Trainer's lifespan.
    Uniran 577: Its body is enveloped in a special liquid, which enables it to live in any environment.
    Doubran 578: Its brain is split into two sections. It displays its full power when both brains are thinking the same thing.
    Ranculus 579: It fights by manipulating arms that have a grip that can crush a boulder. A Pokemon with a high IQ.
    Koaruhii 580: When it's attacked by an enemy, it emits mist from its plumage. It uses the mist as a diversion and escapes.
    Swanna 581: The attacks it performs with its beak are strong. It draws its long neck back and unleashes a volley of strikes.
    Vanipucchi 582: Icicles that were bathed in the energy of the morning sun became a Pokemon. It covers itself in snow when it sleeps.
    Vaniricchi 583: It uses numerous small shard of ice to hide its body from enemy eyes.
    Vaivanilla 584: When both heads are simultaneously angered, it blasts out a blizzard. It buries everything around it in heavy snow.
    Shikijika 585: When the seasons turn, its scent and fur change. This Pokemon is used as a barometer of the seasons.
    Mebukijika 586: The flowering plant that grows from its horns changes with the seasons. The one with the most splendid horns leads the herd.
    Emonga 587: It lives on treetops in forests. It discharges electricity from its cloak-like membrane as it glides.
    Kaburumo 588: When it senses danger it shoots acidic liquid from its mouth to repel the enemy. It pursues Chobomaki.
    Shubarugo 589: A Pokemon that evolved by wearing Chobomaki's shell. Steel armor protects its entire body.
    Tamagetake 590: A Pokemon that resembles a Pokeball for some reason. It spews poisonous spores to repel enemies that try to catch it.
    Morobareru 591: It uses its Pokeball mushrooms as a lure for prey, but few Pokemon are deceived.
    Pururiru 592: It paralyzes its prey with poison, then drags it to its den in the ocean's depths, 8000 meters below the surface.
    Burunkeru 593: It expels water that it absorbs into its body with great force to propel itself. Life energy is its favorite food.
    Mamanboh 594: It drifts about in the ocean. If it spots a wounded Pokemon, it gathers it in its arms and carries it to shore.
    Batula 595: It clings to larger Pokemon, absorbs their static electricity, and stores it in its electric sacs.
    Dentula 596: It builds traps from threads charged with electricity. It slowly devours the electrically stunned prey.
    Tesshiido 597: It thrusts its spikes into cave walls and affixes itself. It absorbs minerals from the rocks.
    Nuttre 598: It attaches itself to cave ceilings. When prey passes beneath, it assaults them with a barrage of iron spikes.
    Gearl 599: The rotation of the two engaged bodies is what produces its life energy.
    Gigearl 600: It launches an attack by spinning the small gear at high speeds, then shooting it. There's a risk that the small gear won't be retrievable.
    Gigigearl 601: It rapidly spins the red gear at its core to quickly charge energy.
    Shibishirasu 602: A Pokemon that lives in a group. It has organs that produce electricity, which it discharges in a pinch.
    Shibibiiru 603: A Pokemon with a vigorous appetite. Once it spots its prey, it chases it down, stuns it with electricity, and eats it.
    Shibirudon 604: It sucks on its prey with its sucker-mouth, and shocks it with the electricity that flows from its teeth.
    Rigray 605: It suddenly happened, 50 years ago, across the desert. No one has seen this Pokemon since then.
    Oobemu 606: It manipulates its opponents' brains and overwrites their memories with different ones.
    Hitomoshi 607: While appearing to shed light and serve as a guidepost, it sucks out creatures' lifeforce.
    Lamplar 608: It appears before those on their deathbeds, severs the soul from the body, and immediately sucks it up.
    Chandelar 609: If something is wrapped in Chandela's flame, its soul is sucked out and immolated. Only the cast off body remains.
    Kibago 610: It marks its territory by scarring trees with its fangs. Even if the fangs break, they immediately grow back.
    Onondo 611: It has fangs that can smash boulders. The fights of Onondo over territory are extremely violent.
    Ononokusu 612: It has sturdy, blade-like fangs that can even cut through an iron frame. It is covered with hard armor.
    Kumashun 613: Mucus is always hanging from its nose. It sucks the mucus back up and launches an attack. The mucus is the source of the attack.
    Tsunbear 614: It freezes its breath to make fangs and claws of ice. It lives in the cold lands of the north.
    Freezio 615: It was born inside a snow cloud. It catches prey with the chains coming out of its ice crystals.
    Chobomaki 616: It evolves when it and Kaburumo are bathed in Electric Energy. The reason for this is unknown.
    Agirudar 617: If it removes its heavy shell, it becomes nimble. It fights with the agility of a ninja.
    Maggyo 618: It burries itself in mud on the beach and lies in wait for prey. When it feels prey, it discharges electricity and paralyzes it.
    Kojofuu 619: It uses pretty, continuous attacks. If its body and soul are unified, the techniques' speed and sharpness increases.
    Kojondo 620: It fights by slamming the enemy with the long hair on its arms. It shakes its arms like whips.
    Crimgan 621: It catches the prey running around its narrow den with its sharp claws. The skin on its face is as hard as stone.
    Gobit 622: It's thought that this Pokemon was born of the science of a mythical ancient civilization.
    Gorog 623: It's said that Goruugu was ordered by the ancient people who used it to protect humans and Pokemon alike.
    Komatana 624: It fights at Kirikizan's command. It clings to its prey and ebbs away at it with its blades.
    Kirikizan 625: It hunts prey as a swarm, accompanied by large numbers of Komatana. Kirikizan lands the finishing blow.
    Buffalon 626: It charges indiscriminately and lands headbutts. It has the destructive power to derail a train.
    Washibon 627: It indiscriminately challenges even strong opponents to battle. It battles repeatedly to become strong.
    Wargle 628: A fearless warrior of the sky. It's said that the more wounds it has on its body, the more respect it gets from its comrades.
    Vulchai 629: If it finds a handy skeleton, it has the habit of using it to protect its bottom. It chases after weak Pokemon.
    Vuljina 630: It surveys the ground from the sky, then swoops down on weak prey. It has the habit of wearing bones.
    Kuitaran 631: It melts Iront's steel body with its fiery tongue, which burns at high temperatures, and eats what's inside.
    Iront 632: It burrows into mountains to make its nests. The complex tunnels are an Iront made labrynth.
    Monose 633: Since it can't see, it finds its way by tackling and biting its surroundings. It's always covered in fresh bruises.
    Jihead 634: Since the 2 heads fight so viciously over food, it always eats more than it has to.
    Sazando 635: The heads on its arms lack brains. It destroys and devours everything with its 3 heads.
    Meraruda 636: It lives at the bottom of a volcano. It spews flames from its 5 horns to repel anyone who comes to attack it.
    Urgamoth 637: In battle it scatters smoldering scales from its 6 wings, turning the area around it into a sea of flames.
    Cobalon 638: It has a body and heart of steel. All it has to do is look, and even brutal Pokemon defer to it.
    Terrakion 639: It has the charging power to penetrate thick castle walls in a single shot. A Pokemon that's mentioned in legends.
    Viridion 640: The horn on its head is a sharp sword. It tosses its enemy with whirlwind like movements, then cuts it apart.
    Torneros 641: The energy that flows from Torunerosu's tail awakens huge storms. It has the power to blow away a house.
    Voltros 642: It launches electric attacks from the spike on its tail. It flies around in the skies of the Isshu Region dropping thunderbolts.
    Reshiram 643: When Reshiram's tail burns, the atmosphere is affected by the thermal energy and the Earth's weather changes.
    Zekrom 644: A Pokemon that appears in myths. Inside of its tail is an enormous generator that produces electricity.
    Landros 645: The energy that flows from its tail nourishes the soil, causing the crops to grow larger.
    Kyurem 646: It has the power to create sub-zero weather conditions, but it freezes its own body as well.
    Kerudio 647: It races around the globe, running on the surface of oceans and rivers. It appears by beautiful waterfronts.
    Meloetta 648: The melodies Meloetta plays provided the inspiration for many famous works of music.
    Genosect 649: An ancient Bug Pokemon that was altered by Team Plasma. The canons on its back were made more powerful.

    If you know of any more information that could help please add them here and i will put them up.

    Update 1: Added Located Files
    Update 2: Added Jintriggers Translation Guide Download Link
    Update 3: Added SorryCostellos Main Menu
    Update 4: Stats, Abilities & Natures Added To Jintriggers Translation Guide
    Update 5: Added Japanese Alphabet
    Update 6: Added Kazo And Kaarosu's Translation Project
    Update 7: Added Pokémon Black PokéDex Entries
    Update 8: Added Pokémon White PokéDex Entries
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    --[Trainer Pic] [Trainer Name]
    -----------------[Current location]
    --Badges [# of Badges] Pokedex [# of seen pokemon]
    --Play Time [Hours:Minutes]
    -New Game
    -Mystery Gift
    -Wifi Setup
    -Mic Test

    I'm going to do a translation document to bring all these resources together. I'll post it on GameFAQs so if they accept it you can link to it and if for any reason they don't, I'll post it somewhere
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