Pokemon Black (E) - strange problem?

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    Apr 4, 2007
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    The game has worked fine and dandy for me since I got it. I saved a few days ago and didn't touch the game until today. I turned on the game, and came to the main screen, where it shows my file with my character, but, when I load the file I get a blue and black screen that says, "An error has occurred. Please turn off the power." I'm using an R4, with current wood firmware. I haven't used Pokesav before either. I tried to copy my file, format and put back on with no results.
    Is my file gone, or can I recover the data?
  2. Saken

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    Sep 12, 2009
    Unfortunately sounds like a corrupt save ):
  3. Devilkid32177

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    hiding in my mind, im lost
    well, make sure the no save hasn't been marked on mistake, in order to check it, do this

    while in the wood menu, highlight the suspected game

    press Y on it then go into the options

    press L/R until you see the save size option

    that option should be set to Unknown/Auto

    if not, set it to that and retest it