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  1. Twilight Loz

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    Mar 28, 2009
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    I downloaded the beta pokegen (for black and white).

    Basically, im trying to create an aggron with the moves earthquake, substitute, head smash and another move.

    Head smash is a egg move so obviously it needs to be hatched from an egg.

    This is where the problem starts:

    1) I'm trying to create a aggron and making it look like as if was hatched from an egg. I dont know how to do that and it doesn't save fore me. When I load my save file (.sav) and then finsish creating my aggron, and then click on file > save [save file] and when I close pokegen and then load my save file again, its back to where I was at the first place. The changes I did didn't save.

    Could someone tell me whats wrong with my aggron and tell me how to save?

    2) Btw, whats a .pkm file and how do I use it.

    3) After I did something, (i made a fresh pokemon and exported it as a .xml file and put the party count as 1), and then copied the code that generated, edited my usercheat.dat to insert that code, applied that code and started the game) there is only 1 pokemon in my pokemon party! BUT if i load it into pokegen it shows my WHOLE pokemon party. Whats wrong?
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    Looks like there's a guide already for this app. If you find you're still having trouble, please post your questions there.

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