Plutoo : the first Switch system module has fallen

Discussion in 'Switch - Exploits, Custom Firmwares & Soft Mods' started by Quantumcat, Apr 4, 2017.

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    Plutoo said it no longer used APT. And yes, this is the UI module. The page you linked will help in understanding a lot of what was found, just ignore the APT services part.
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  3. Selver

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    Dec 22, 2015
    It's likely to mean the same as it did on the 3DS:
    NS == Nintendo User Interface Shell
  4. TimX24968B

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    or, it could just be "nintendo switch"...
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  5. DrkBeam

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    Jun 12, 2016
    But it was first on the 3ds, so Nintendo has been teasing us from the start about the name of the nx
  6. Ericthegreat

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    Not always true you know.
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  7. Memoir

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    They have been hacked... No public releases, though.
  8. jt_1258

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    meh, if things go like they have on 3ds I like to sometimes get games early, *couph couph* pkmn moon and fe echos, ninty can't keep anything under lock XD
  9. Zaphod77

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    Go figure, the hackers don't want to kill a brand new system.

    We don't want Nintendo to die, do we?
  10. dubbz82

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    Kill a new system? Evidence of this ever happening before (and don't say dreamcast - Sega was already in a downward spiral)? None? That's exactly what I thought.
  11. Zaphod77

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    Aug 25, 2015
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    Well, the wiiu didn't do so hot as I recall... so...
  12. ItsKipz

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    The C: drive
    Wii u hacks didnt develop until late in it's life, by that time it was already dead.
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  13. TheCyberQuake

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    We didn't really get anything for the Wii U until a year or two ago, which is well after everyone knew it was a flop.
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  14. Zaphod77

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    my point exactly. it would be rude to hack the followup so soon.
  15. FabioCapela

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    In fact, evidence points to hacking/pirating a system having no influence on its life or even helping it. For at least three consecutive generations the easiest to pirate system was the clear winner of the console war: PS1, PS2, and Wii.

    And before the PS1 generation there was no copy protection worth noting. I believe the first console to implement copy protection was the SNES, and it could be disabled by simply cutting one pin on a chip, something that I believe was found during the first week after the console launched.
  16. gundamu

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    Apr 28, 2016
    most hackers with good intentions won't release the code in first 2 years anyways

    i know i wouldn't
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  17. linuxares

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    Aug 5, 2007
    You're thinking about the NES. The SNES demands a cable solder to the chip and a point on the SNES.
    For the NES I think it was the the 4th pin.
  18. Nazosan

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    I won't actually disagree with you that hacking has little bearing on the popularity of a system, but I will point out that you're jumping around madly. For example, the Gamecube is a full generation before the Wii. Also, you bypassed the Dreamcast which SEGA at least tried to use piracy as the scapegoat to blame for its failure (though anyone with any sense can see the real reasons it failed, number one being their utter and complete lack of any real marketing capabilities whatsoever. Not even anything like Segata Sanshiro on the Saturn, and that's not even the kind of marketing I mean... Heck, even SONY had some idiot dressed up in a bad Crash Bandicoot suit at least, though again that's not really the sort of marketing I'm talking about.)

    I do think a truly objective look into how piracy affects things is needed. On the one hand, there are some lost sales, but on the other hand, the assumption that one download equals one lost sale is so fallacious it's vomit-worthy. (Some downloads are people redownloading something they already own with damaged discs, some are people redownloading a deleted download, some are people who try before they buy and then buy what they like, etc etc.) And then, as you imply here, there's the popularity factor. E.g. those who have methods of playing copies tell others about those things and then other people do actually buy them even if the first person didn't. It's very complicated, but it does seem very potentially likely that it actually does more good than harm. Of course, companies must show a serious effort to curb piracy because publishers (particularly AAA publishers who have way too much pull and are way too disconnected from the actual realities of the actual market and the actual people in said market as well as their own developers) but this does beg the question of if they aren't all going too far and for all the wrong reasons since so many do indeed assume one download is one lost sale...

    This isn't really a fair comparison. Until consoles started going to CDs making any sort of copies was prohibitively difficult (and illegal clone carts weren't the booming market they became much later around I guess the DS generation as chip production was still a bit costly and difficult to get into initially.) Now, if you consider generation only and forget consoles for a second this puts the lie to the statement. On computers copying was insanely easy and copy protections there predate consoles by far with some things even going so far at times as to utilize an external dongle connecting to the computer as a protection mechanism in a fit of utter paranoia. A lot of early PC games required you to enter text from various points in the game manual or turn a multi-part rotating wheel to match different parts and enter whatever was showing through cutouts. Copy protection is definitely nothing even remotely new and far predates those systems. I think the earliest was actually in the 70s in fact...
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  19. Joom

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    Not really. A good game library is what drives the sales of a console. The Wii U is absolutely abysmal, and even though homebrew and backup loading existed for a very long time, I had absolutely no reason to put custom firmware on mine until after over a year of owning it because there were absolutely no games worth playing until BotW. The majority of the library is "HEY GUYS, WE KNOW YOU LOVE MARIO, SO HERE'S 18 MARIO TITLES THAT HOLD YOUR HAND WHILE YOU PLAY! OH, YOU LIKE OTHER NINTENDO TITLES TOO? WELL HERE, HAVE SOME VIRTUAL CONSOLE REHASHES, AN ANIMAL CROSSING BOARD GAME, AND NO METROID!" The homebrew scene is even lacking because there's just no interest (no offense to developers, you guys are awesome and aren't at fault). People that install custom firmware make up a miniscule demographic and honestly have hardly any sort of impact on the actual money a console brings in. Take the PSP for example, which was incredibly successful. This is solely based on what it had to offer, game and media wise (it popularized mobile h.264 playback), and was hardly affected by the homebrew scene, which had kernel access from nearly the very beginning of the console's life. I hate it when people complain about homebrew, and even piracy, killing off a console because it's purely ignorant.
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  20. Tomato Hentai

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    I keep trying to find a reason for me to get up off my ass and actually learn something other than Perl (or R like I was planning to), and I think Switch homebrew might be good enough of a reason for me to do that, even if it's not happening soon.
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