Please Help with Homebrew SD Cafiine for Modding Smash

Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by lee_hurricane, Jul 18, 2017.

  1. lee_hurricane

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    Jul 18, 2017
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    So i got back into modding smash but i cant use loadiine anymore so im using the SD Cafiine on homebrew. I made sure all the things in my SD card where in the right places and even redid all my mods to make sure none of it was corrupt. The problems is that once the try to load smash after loading SD Cafiine from homebrew it that the game freezes at the splash/boot up screen. Does any one know how to fix this???
  2. RyanAnayaMc

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    Oct 5, 2015
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    Are you absolutely sure it freezes? For me, it can hang for quite a while when trying to load up mods. Also, HBL SDCafiine uses different paths than the Loadiine one. Loadiine used SD:/[title ID]/[movie/patch/sound folders]. The HBL version uses a different path. It uses SD:/sdcafiine/[title ID]/content/[movie/patch/sound folders]. If that still doesn't work, try using this CFW (although you're not supposed to need it):
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    You might want to chill for a minute. A new update just barely came out. Everything could change now