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    May 30, 2016
    United States
    I haven't used my wii u in a few years so I still had some games on loadiine that I'm trying to move to usb. I've been able to use savemii version 2 to get the saves moved over. However with New Super Mario Bros U it won't transfer the save over. It also doesn't load the save in loadiine, yet I know I should have progress.

    Here is what I see on the loadiine save.

    G:\wiiu\saves\New Super Mario Bros U [ARPE01]\

    Here are the folders inside with everything inside them

    0050000-10101D00 > 80000003 > rp_personal_savedata.dat
    > common > rp_personal_savedata.dat

    80000003 > rp_personal_savedata.dat

    c > rp_personal_savedata.dat

    common > rp_personal_savedata.dat

    u > rp_personal_savedata.dat

    Edit: figured out I had to copy the save files inside 0050000-10101D00 onto New Super Mario Bros U [ARPE01]
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