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    Feb 10, 2019
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    I have not used any CFW for awhile, was getting ready for a trip and wanted to see if I could boot up SXOS to watch movies on my switch. I downloaded the latest 3.0.5 and put it on the SD card. I booted up SXOS and selected boot CFW (emunand enabled) I got the nintendo logo, then an SXOS error screen and it rebooted. I saw the Nintendo logo again, then just a black screen and now it doesn't even get recognized by Tegra RCM on my PC! It appears totally dead, and it had 70% battery when starting this. It is on OFW 10.1.0. I greatly appreciate any assistance. Thanks.

    Edit: ok, I finally got it to get detected in RCM on my PC after just mashing the volume and power buttons and it finally worked. Never had any issues like this before with it, and don't think i'll mess with this CFW again!
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    Jun 25, 2019
    Its not the cfw.
    3.0.5 is meant for 10.2.0. The latest update.
    Errors can still very rarely occur, but unless you run the cfw built for the correct nintendo switch firmware, your going to run into problems.
    Releases of atmosphere and sxos, do have minor errors occassionally(and i mean minor). 99.99% of times when something goes wrong though its the user.
    SX OS is not likely to get an update any time soon, so its generally a good idea to use Atmosphere at this point.
    I gaurantee that their is nothing that will damage your switch in the current release though. Thousands of people download their boot.dat every day. If your switch is going to brick, its your faulty hardware, or your mistake thats caused it.
    I also imagine your switch wasnt detected in rcm, because you didn’t power it off properly. Next time it fails to boot, its enough holding the power button for about 5-10 seconds, so it correctly shuts down. I imagine that with your button mashing, you unknowingly did so.
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