Playing Pokemon GO? A few tips.

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    Finding that out myself.
    Haha, gotcha. No these aren't game tips.
    Just privacy issues.

    There are tons of APK's out there that have tons of enabled app permissions, meaning your privacy=gone. Hackers, the NSA (if you're into that conspiracy), or whoever, can and will be able to get information out of you from having gained access to both your front and back camera, microphones (the better the smartphone, the more they can hear), emails, calls, messages, and a whole lot more.

    If you did install Pokemon GO through an APK, or even the playstore (just to be safe), check the app permissions.

    As for iOS, for a short period of time, the app had access to google accounts, although the issue was quickly fixed.

    So do check on this, unless you don't mind being hacked or being vulnerable. Pokemon GO is kinda fun, but it's not so fun when your bank accounts have single figure values as balances. ;)
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    I honestly wish I had andriod version. IOS version just does not want to work with my GPS. There are no guids for how to fix this for IOS, only Android.