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    I have about a year experience using the Supercard for the GBA SP and have made almost 100 movies for my kids. I just got my 1st AK2 for our DS Lite. I downloaded Moonshell and downloaded and used the Unofficial BatchDPG 1.60. Those links are hard to find btw! I successfully converted 2 avi files, and wanna know how to convert a MP4 file. It doesn't seem to work, I also tried BatchDPG 1.54 with no success.

    Is there a way to use either and convert them? Is there something completely different and better to use? And is Moonshell the best player?

    Also I seemed to run across some file that states Moonshell plays NES ROM's, is that correct? Moonshell install seems to have two files I can run from on my DS lite, can I get rid of one? And any other Moonshell unneeded files?

    Also I downloaded some Moonshell skins. I have versions 2.07 and 2.08 on the card. I have found some non detailed instructions on the moonshell skin install, and it seems when I get a package it comes with several pics, like the AK2 skins, but only 1 pic seems to be chosen and used on the upper screen, it doesn't install the whole skin package.

    Please excuse my lack of DS knowledge as I am new to DS entirely as well.


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    try using different video converter, sometimes some video converters dont convert vids properly
    i always download vids from utorrent and then convert them right form there

    moonshell is the best media player you will ever come across on the ds but there is the iplayer but thats a different card
    to install skins you just put the skins in your moonshell2 folder then boot moonshell and run the skin file
    the skin should change
    there might be a skin folder in the moonshell2 folder so if u want to make the sin your default then just replace the skin in thefolder with he skin you want

    dont delete any files the moonsell creates since sometimes it corrupts everything
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    maybe the video converter that comes with moonshell can convert .MP4 videos, because it also converts them to mp4 when you download a clip from youtube. When you download moonshell 2.08 there is a folder called misctools. In there you'll find some programs that you can use to make stuff for moonshell, like skins and videos. Go to DPGtools and then click on DPGenc.exe. It will start up the program, and then you just drag and drop.

    moonshell itself can't play NES files, but there is an homebrew that can.

    also you said that you have 2.07 and 2.08 on your card, you can throw of moonshell 2.07 is you're using 2.08, because then you don't need it anymore. Saves a little bit of space.

    as for skins, you can just make skins yourself or download them from a topic here there are also more things you want to know about moonshell.

    good luck and merry x-mas!