Plailect Guide question related to installing CFW

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    Hello all,

    I have carefully followed the instructions from Plailect and I got to the end of part 4 - getting the OTP.

    All seems ok - but before I went to part 5 I tried to check if RedNand boots properly.

    So I launched NinjaHack and I used CakeFW to launch into CFW - and nothing. Screen is black.

    Is this normal? Should I continue with Step 5 to install arm9loaderhax?

    Or should I do something else?

    It seemed OK - I successfully downgraded to 2.1.0 (stretched screen on 2DS) - then restored sysnand from the file I created ( as per section 4).

    I am a bit worried that I will brick the 2ds so any comments would be appreciated!
  2. Just Passing By

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    Don't deviate from the guide. Ask after you fully do the guide.
  3. avocado

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    Apr 17, 2016

    I am sorry asking this in your thread.
    but how could you make browserhax works?

    I am following the same tutorial.
    I am on Part-2 step-20 to be exact.

    I did downgrade to 9.2 successfully.
    But I cannot run Browserhax.
    I can see the sliderhax, but it keeps kick me out to home screen.

    How did you pass this step?