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    May 27, 2011
    Name: Piirates
    Author (s): sebskater29
    Origin: France


    Short Description: Piirates is a game where you control a ship, in the arcade mode, you must navigate through the levels, the level ends when you reach the buoy, to achieve this you will have to find a path between the enemies and shoot on the switches to open the corresponding gates.
    In versus mode, you battle your friends. The 2 game modes are playable up to 4 players.
    The boats have 2 health's bars, the top bar represents the hull of the boat, if it reaches 0, you sink. The lower bar is the bar life of veiling of the boat, if it reaches 0 your boat will be greatly slowed.
    During the game, attacking enemy ships there may make a sailor falls overboard, if you pick it up, it will repair the hull, or the veiling of the boat.
    There are 15 levels in arcade mode and 3 in versus mode.


    -> Menu:

    - The nunchuk joystick to select menu
    - A button to confirm
    - Menu option : A or B button to return to the main screen
    - The ship selection screen, players who want to play have to press the + button and if they desist, - button to remove them from the game.

    -> select the boat:

    you can choose up to 5 different ships each with different stats POW (attack), DEF (defense), SPD (speed)
    -then you must choose the type of gameplay:
    gameplay-A: with the gameplay you tilt the Nunchuk's joystick in the direction of the boat and it is impossible to make a emarche back directly.
    gameplay-B (/!\ recommend to beginners /!\) direct the ship using the nunchuk joystick.

    -> Game:

    - The Nunchuk's joystick to move the ship
    - A button to pull ahead
    - The B button to fire to starboard
    - The Z button to pull to port side
    - Pad of the Wiimote to select weapons
    - Pressing + or - to put the game paused
    - The home button to exit the game (only in pause)

    description of the weapons:
    - Cannonball simple (the gun from left): cannon ball that does damage to the hull of the ship.
    - Ball chains (the gun on top): cannonball that does damage to the hull of the ship (if it is empty the bullet damage the hull of the boat)
    - Tonneau explosive (weapon left): the barrel will float on the water a few seconds before they explode and damage the hull.
    - Ignite arrows (lower arm): the arrows will put fire and damage the hull and the veiling of the boat.


    Download : here
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