Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney Trilogy (Dialogues Extraction)

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    Jan 13, 2016
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    Need an experienced hacker that can extract the dialogue from this game and insert them back.
    romfs contains "sound" folder, and the files:
    pack.dat - archive of compressed files (lz11). - information about the files in the archive (as I think).
    From the archive is extracted 12000+ files (Thanks to NCDyson)
    Most of these files (but not all) have headline .bch and contain pictures (easily convert to png, Thanks to NCDyson again). They contained descriptions of objects, menus, etc., ie, all but dialogues. The edited images can also be inserted back, without difficulties.
    However, to translate all of this without dialogue does not make sense, but where they are and how I can extract them? I dont know. Maybe dialogues in the pack.dat (because not all the files in it are images). I need help.
    Link to my Dropbox files:
    rom\ - extracted rom
    pack\ - files extracted from the pack.dat
    png\ - png

    Sorry for bad english.
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    Aug 12, 2015
    It is an old thread, but I also have this problem now. I figured out as much as you and can say that the dialogues must have been there in the pack.dat. Hope we can reach a conclusion soon.