Persuasive Speech Ideas?

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    So I have to choose a topic for a persuasive speech by tomorrow and I have no idea what to talk about. I want something interesting and thought provoking but at the same time not boring or exclusive. I was thinking about "games are art" or "Piracy is good/bad" but I don't know how well it will go. So I need help, suggestions are most definitely appreciated!

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    I'd recommend something that the whole class/audience can connect to. Video games may be your specialty (or not, I can't say) but it may not be a good topic for the majority of your audience.
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    Shortcut- make people laugh once or twice through the would be presentation.
    Often easier to pull off and just as effective in high school marking schemes.
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    I wrote an entire paper on why homebrew and piracy aren't bad.
    Tons of shit out there for that.
    Got 100% on it.
    (Teacher was being really nice as it bumped my grade up to an A, still, had to be at least decent)