Pc remoteplay/streaming in home-lan?

Discussion in 'Computer Software and Operating Systems' started by Yanazake, May 2, 2014.

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    I'm sure there are some ways to send the image of a computer to another unlinked screen in a myriad of ways, but i'm still trying to figure out one since we aquired our first smart tv.

    Basically, it's one of these mid-to-good specs smart tv [42", samsung, has 3d and accepts DLNS] and it certainly can do a lot more than any tv i ever had. Only recently, thanks to my new netgear router, DLNS finally was usable but as a sort of file browser - i can open files from an HD plugged to the router, but no direct access to my pc.

    I wonder if i can stream games to my tv wirelessly somehow, without the need of internet. Got no idea if this is possible, so it's better to just ask. And nope, no available laptop here - not one strong enough, at least.
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    HDMI leads (if you have no HDMI then remember DVI is very simply adapted to it, you just will not have any sound unless you run another cable) can end up several meters long before you have to start thinking about doing it over network cable or using boosters, with boosters then it gets to be silly long before you have to start worrying.

    More generally the windows remote desktop protocol aka RDP can do good things these days, far more so than any VNC/teamviewer/gotomypc stuff can handle. Whether I would use it for a twitch shooter or not I do not know but it is good enough for something like Portal (I use it to watch videos from time to time, however framerate is not latency even if that is not bad). Sadly most home versions of windows will not support a RDP server, business stuff will happily make a RDP server though. I do not know if smartTV stuff is still as much junk as it was but I see others have more or less gone full android and you tend to get a RDP viewer in those. I have plenty of linux and mac RDP servers and viewers but nothing that I can add to a home version of windows, there might well be something out there but how well it does 3d is a different matter.

    Bonus 2. Virtualisation (where you run an operating system within an operating system) will do RDP by default (whatever you are running) and is right on the cusp of being able to run games very well.

    Short summary
    Simple version. Get a long HDMI cable. Possibly also a longer range keyboard and mouse or controller.

    More tech version. Use RDP to play your games remotely, your OS will have to support it though.
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