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    Alright, let's get a list of all the PC games with Character Creation. Here are the requirements:
    1. MMOs don't count on this list. That will be a different thread altogether.
    2. If there aren't option sliders, there should be a ton of predefined choices to choose from. (i.e. The Sims 2 if you made characters with just the predefined customization options)
    3. If the game's character "creation" is limited to picking a premade character, it doesn't count.
    4. If the game's character "creation" has you picking from premade heads, it doesn't count.
    5. If a game has so few customization options that half (or more) of the characters created in it look identical, it does not count as true character creation.
    6. If no two characters in a game look alike, BUT all of them are hard to tell apart beyond certain few characters...it still counts, but only just. Such info should be noted.
    7. If the character creation relies on a character's outfit to distinguish them from others, it doesn't count.
    8. It has to be a game. Apps like FUSE Character Creator may be sold on Steam, but they don't count.
    9. The character creation must apply to the main mode of the game. If it applies to a side mode, it doesn't count for this list.
    10. If the character creation comes solely from using mods (i.e. Steam Workshop, Nexus Mods) or content that cannot be created within the game, it doesn't count unless the game comes with a program to create these mods yourself.
    11. If the game does not count due to #10, but the program to create the stuff you need is free (i.e. Paint, GIMP, some sort of upload tool, etc), then it counts. Such info should be noted, though.
    12. If the game does not count due to #2, but has mods that add to the character creation enough, then it counts! Such info should be noted, though.
    Anyway, onto the list (so far)!
    • Dragon Age: Origins
    • Dragon Age II
    • Draw a Stickman: Epic
    • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
    • Legend of Grimrock (Note: Custom character portraits require image editor)
    • Legend of Grimrock II (Note: Custom character portraits require image editor)
    • Minecraft (Note: Custom characters require image editor)
    • Saints Row 2
    • Saints Row: The Third
    • Saints Row IV
    • The Sims 2
    • The Sims 3
    • Uru: Complete Chronicles (Note: Character creation is slightly lacking)
    Anyone want to help add on to this list?
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    Mass effect.
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    do car games count like need for speed? they let your "costumize your character" which is a car but you play with it :C

    btw, how about dark souls?
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    I remember when I played ME2, I wanted my MC to look like a very nasty deformed patched up thing to make events feel more real.
    I ended up with such an abomination that even as real as it felt I decided to scratch it up and restart the thing.