PC-Engine Emulator for DS

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by gumgod, Apr 22, 2010.

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    This is not really that new. It was updated on April 16th, but I did a search of the news posts and found nothing about it.

    The emulator is called NitroGrafx. I came across it via Google. Looks like it was coded by FluBBa and is available for download here:


    Here's the latest change log info:
    Fixed a bug that affected Blazing Lazers and timing of ADPCM which affected Sapphire.
    Fixed CPU cycles per scanline (455, confirmed on hardware).
    Fixed timing of scroll register writes.
    Fixed Sprite DMA IRQ handling.
    Fixed savestates a bit (should be compatible between versions now).
    Fixed scaling after loading savestate.
    Fixed caching of Bios.
    Better timing of ADPCM playing (still no sound though).
    Debug output now optional, also more info is written.
    Source (DS-Scene)

    Edit: could someone fix my title? I just realized I have "Emulator" in there twice [​IMG]

    Edit #2: Looks like the reason I couldn't find it is I spelled it wrong... :/ It's NitroGrafx not NitroGraphx and it was posted under Homebrew News here.
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