patching pokemonheart gold

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    Oct 4, 2009
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    i really want the dialogue of heart gold to be in english but i dont know how to patch, could u please tell me how?
    should i use a fuly japanese rom. which one is better Magnius' translation or Kazos?
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    Oct 4, 2008
    First could you not spam topics? Second, use the search function.
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    for magnius patch do this:

    1. Open up the provided Xdelta GUI.exe which is supplied for you. To open this, you need Xdelta.exe, which is provided also.

    2. Go to the patch tab.

    3. Go to "Select Patch" and select the patch file which is provided.

    4. Go to "Select Rom" and select your clean, unedited rom dump. The dump that would probably be best to use is the Xenophobia dump of Soul Silver.

    5. Go to "Apply Patch".

    Now it's going to take a while to apply the patch, so don't expect it to finish applying the patch instantly.

    After it's applied, a patched version of your rom should show up in the same folder as the Clean one. This patched rom should be "121 MB" which yes, is smaller than the original rom.