Pandora Hotfix 3 - Beta Test released

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by fgghjjkll, Jun 25, 2010.

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    Hi guys!

    EDIT: This includes all previous Hotfixes as well (as usual [​IMG] )

    For the brave Pandora users out there, I have a first Beta for the upcoming Hotfix 3! Be sure to tell me any problems you might encounter.

    Here's the changelog:

    Hotfix 3:
    * Kernel: Fixed problem with broken sound on some units. Also improved ALSA Buffer Underrun problems
    * Kernel Modules: Added USB Sound and Midi Modules
    * U-Boot: Fixed LCD timings on Reset (which caused weird dots around the Logo on reboot / Reset)
    * U-Boot: Added serial out via USB (ideal for debugging when trying to port new OSes to the Pandora)
    * MiniMenu: Added automatic Refresh on SD Card insert and quick navigation using keyboard letters
    * Services: Removed unneeded services from Startup - also services most users don't need (like dropbear, samba, etc.) They can be re-enabled with the new Startup-Settings
    * Startup-Settings: Added enabling / disabling services
    * New: Added Mass Storage mode via Mini-USB (can be enabled in the System-Menu)
    * Automount: Now using Label names (if the card has one) instead of mmcblk*
    * Automount: Now using Dirsync instead of sync with 2s Buffer flush. This increased SD Write speed A LOT. However, be sure to wait at least 2 seconds before removing your SD Card after you saved data
    * Not yet fixed: PNDs will not run if they have a space in the filename or path (do not use spaces in your SD-Card labels for now!)

    There are some things you need to keep in mind if you install that package:

    * As the automounter now uses SD Card labels (if available), programs like Exaile or emulators that save the path to your ROM directory have to be re-setup to use the new path. This only needs to be done once. The good thing about this is: Those programs don't care in which Slot you put the card, as they now use the label (and the label will always stay the same!)

    * As there is a bug in pnd_run, you cannot use any PNDs which have spaces in their filenames or path. So don't label your SD Card "My Pandora Card" or similar - otherwise you can't run PNDs from there for the moment.

    * Services not neccessarily used (like Samba, Dropbear, etc.) will automatically be disabled with that package. If you need them, you can enable them in the new version of the Startup-Settings

    Please test if the new stuff works or if we broke anything else.

    Here is the download: HotFix 3 BETA

    Be sure to remove any previous HotFix-Package from your SD Card - otherwise, the new one will not show up in the menu!

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