PAL Wii 3.3E Backup Loader Read Error ?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Selfkiller, Nov 4, 2008.

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    Nov 4, 2008
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    Hi Folks,

    at first excuse my english, it's not the best.
    I'm new to the "Backup Loader scene" so please be gentle when i'm a little annoying [​IMG]

    I got some problems playing game copies with the Backup Loader v0.3 (i think its Gator ? i am a little confused of all the different ones)

    I have an unchiped PAL Wii with the 3.3E Firmware, but last time i updated is "long" gone, definitely bevore the 23rd october, so it cant be the new 3.3E v2 (as far i understood there are 2 versions).
    I already have the Homebrew Channel, the Wad Manager Channel and i CAN still install and uninstall WiiWare games and other stuff from .wad files.

    As i remeber i already installed the CIOS 36 (or something like that) and startet the Backup Loader v0.3 from the HBC.
    (got the CIOS and Backup Loader from 1 package out of this forum)

    So far so good, but when i now try to start a game copy, it seems to boot, but then i always get a read error like "the disk could not be read, for more information look inside the Wii manual"

    I tried Boom Blox (PAL) and Super Mario Galaxy (PAL) so far. The messages looked different (the SMG one was on a blue comic-style sign) so i think its a message from the game and so it seems like booting works somehow.
    I installed a "CIOS read retry" version but its still the same problem.

    Both games are unpatched and burned on a DVD-R with 4x (or 8x) speed, they got a little scratched, could that be the problem ? Is it so sensitive ?
    Are there some rules to follow when burning a Wii game ?

    I already used the search function many times and i found many posts on how to install Wanakikos (or so) and WiiGator but it just confused me even more.
    I didnt find a thread which tells me which Backup Loader is best or what i could have done wrong.

    My questions are:

    Do i first have to uninstall all CIOS to get a clean Wii ? - how do i do this ?
    Do i just have to install the right CIOS ? - where do i get it ?
    Do i have to downgrade my firmware ? - how do i do this ?
    Do i just have to burn the games the right way ? - what to consider ?
    Any other tipps for playing backup games without a chip ?

    It would be very kind if you could give me a step-by-step tutorial (or a link to one) of what i have to do now.

    Thanks for reading and helping,


  2. DM357

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    Oct 25, 2008
    1. Yeah, and look for anytitledeleter.
    2. No, it wouldn't run at all.
    3. No that wouldnt be the issue
    4. So far i've only had issues when i've used cheap nobrand DVD-R
    5. I can't find anything wrong with what your doing other then that you could be using cheap discs.
  3. djtaz

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    Sep 21, 2008
    Did any of the games ever work ?

    It sounds like you should just try to re-install everything again and give it a go if it never worked before.

    Scratches on the disc may definately be the issue if you dont have the Read-Retry Cios installed (thats in my zip file)

    The discs themselves may also be the problem so even try a different brand and see if that makes a difference ( Minus R again )

    The method you used to install sounds correct , but just in case id try it again with the files from my zip which have the latest Cios abd katest loader in them and i know they work.
  4. Selfkiller

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    Nov 4, 2008
    Gambia, The
    Many thanks for your fast answers.

    Ill try what you said djtaz, i downloaded your package and will do it like its told in the turorial (WiiHowTo.html)

    But which Backup Loader should i take ? there are so many, is there a difference in compability ?
    Which one do you use ?
    I would take Backup Loader 0.3 because the compability List says Boom Blox and Super Mario Galaxy work fine, and i only got these ISOS now.

    So do i still need to uninstall the old CIOS or any of the channels ?
    Im talking about the HBC channel (i think its v9) or the Wad Manager channel that i installed recently.

    If i take anytitledeleter, do i still need the .wad files to delete the channels proper ?
    Or should i just delete the channels from the wii channel manager ?

    thanks for the help [​IMG]
  5. ether2802

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    You can take the BUL0.3 in IOS247 and the BUL0.1 on IOS249 and install DVDx on IOS249, there are a few games that worked on 0.1 and now they don't work on 0.3.

    With AnyTD you just delete IOS249 (and IOS247 if it's there), you don't need the .wad files in your SD, if you press HOME in the HBC9 the screen will show 4 options, if it's HBC8 it will show 3 options, the other apps you can know what versions are just by execute them

    You can also delete the channels from the Wii Manager

    I had the exact same problem as you and it is because of the cheap media, believe me, if you open ImgBurn and try to burn it you can see the Media Info, Disc ID: Cheaptronic 33-55, I bought Verbatim, and this last time when I cheked this info, says Disc ID:Rytek instead of Disc ID:mmc, or something like that says with my working games...!!!
  6. Selfkiller

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    Nov 4, 2008
    Gambia, The
    Isn't it IOS249 for BUL 0.3 and IOS247 for the older BUL 0.1 ?

    And where do i get DVDx ?
    is it in the zip file from djtaz ?
    do i still need this ? i've read something that i dont longer need it, i think [​IMG]

    i will try delete everything not needed (everything besides HBC) with AnyTD and install everything from the beginning with the step-by-step tutorial from djtaz.

    I didnt know ImgBurn so far, i will try burning the games with it on a Verbatim.
    I tested the "Verify Disk" option and there it says "Disc ID: 0@P-!-00" dont know if this is good [​IMG] it's an Platinum DVD-R

    Used Platinum so far, and as i already mentioned they got some scratches on it... so i will try it again with a new burned one [​IMG]

    the thing is, i only get to the wii on the weekend, so it will take a while to test it, i will tell u when it worked next week.

    thanks so far [​IMG]