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    Finally took the plunge and ordered a flashcart. I used to be big into the psp homebrew scene but never touched gba/ds homebrew, so I don't have much of a base of knowledge to go on.

    Once my flashcart gets here, what am I going to have to do to get it to run DS roms on my 3DS? I've already got my games backed up, is it going to be as simple as drag and drop to my microSD card and launch from the flashcart; or am I going to have to find an app with which to launch the roms? Is there anything I should know in the way of extra software etc? I also own a DS lite, but I don't know a slot 2 card.
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    The software to launch the games is what you put on the MicroSD first, and you get it from the URL printed on the cart itself (hopefully r4ids.cn or r4idsn.com, if it's something else than you ordered a clone).

    Slot-2 is just used for GBA. Slot-1 is all you need for DS.
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    you normally need the following

    this is card specific made normally by the manufactures but can be 3rd party, (e.g. Acekard can use AKAIO produced by Normatt, Origional R4's, R4ids.cn, can use WOOD produced by YWG, but 3rd party ones are normally card specific)

    this is an update file for the card and can only be obtained from the manufacturers website, each card has specific files and allows it to work on newer system versions that have blocked the card from working, but to be applied must be able to load up the flashcard to run the file and not be blocked by the system
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