1. Magsor

    OP Magsor I am watching you

    Dec 1, 2010
    I just wanna say right now I can vouch for the new Habib CFW for being online safe. I am right now on version 1.0 which has a bug with games not working in mutiman and i will not upgrade until its been tested furthermore.
    I have been extra careful on what is going on online. And on and off been online since last november with probably every CFW out there at a different times. I will never use spoofs only true CFW.

    I also use the stealth version of multiman and will not use any other homebrew while online.
    I have reactPSN working and countless PSN titles.
    You can use any PSN titles safely as theres a thing called gamesharing which allows you to play a PSN tiltle that is not tied to your PSN account.

    If you are online also with CFW please share with us your experiences.
    If you have been banned tell us what you think got you banned to help us stay online but unlocking possibilities!
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