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    Dec 4, 2016

    I have a situation , i hacked my switch and everything it's okay, but I have a lot of legit games like rocket league and I want to play it online I don't really care if nintendo ban my console, but the way that I have been using it's play nsp's with cfw atmosphere, and my legit games like rocket league, Tetris, Stardew Valley with de ofw. All of this for 2 months.

    I still have not been banned , how much time I have until that happen? It's a safe way of playing my legit games?

    Sorry for my bad English jeje
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    Jul 13, 2019
    You should stop the way you're rolling.

    If you want to have NSPs while keeping the possibility of going online: use EmuMMC for CFW, keep your sysNAND clean*

    *you have already installed NSPs on your sysNAND, so to avoid problems you should restore your NAND from a clean backup.

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    Basically vouching for what this guy said. You should never go only while CFW is running, or when NSPs have been installed.

    You should backup any saved game data you care about, then restore your Switch from a clean NAND backup (and I sure hope you made one before you starting messing with your Switch!)

    Afterwards, look up how to use emuMMC with Atmosphere. Don't install NSPs on your sysNAND, stick with using emuMMC for that.

    There's a good chance you're already flagged for a ban, but if so there's not much you can do about it now.
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    Banhammer countdown in 3... 2... 1...

    I still don't understand why anyone would feel safe going online with CFW. Grow a brain people.
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    Because people think they can have your cake and eat it too. Sorry, but either have two consoles, or sacrifice online for CFW. They should just get over it.
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    But they can today. Don’t be butt hurt or jealous of others. Wish them the best.

    Ofw sysnand normal launch. Cfw emunand rcm launch. One online sysnand for legit and an offline emunand for piracy. Heck throw in incognito or 90 dns and both are online, though that has risks. The first method is full proof.

    If you want warmboot etc this setup won’t help you as the sysnand need to be officially up to date with firmware but it’s a trade many will take for a 2 in one system.
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