omg cant find it!!!

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    ah where to start a while back i went to my friends house and he had a computer with thousands of snes roms and znes emulator on his computer. we tried out a ton of games and most of them were lame but we found a really cool game. i would say its a puzzle i cant remeber the name of the game and was wondering if any of u guys knew?

    details:u go through different levels one after the other
    ur like a little gangster kid wiith a black hoodie
    when u beat a level fireworks go off
    and the main concept of the game
    u start on the ground and get a certain amount of bricks or blocks and u spawn a block by pressing a button then u spawn the next and make a stair pattern till u get to the top or the goal but when u use all ur bricks u have to pick up the privious brick then spwn that one and so on

    and thats all the details i can remember