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    just wondering if anyone can help me with this. I have tried creating a new NAND with this and I cant get it to work. I used my "old" nand that I backed up with BootMii to get the Keys, and Boot 1&2. It also shows I have 4 bad blocks from the factory. Everything seems to work fine, I get the NUS to get all the necessary files. I put my Wii's serial number in the settings.txt file when the NAND is done building. Then When I try to extract the NAND in showmii wads I get an error: "Illegal characters in path" and nothing happens. I tried to extract the NAND in NANDextractor and get the same error. This program seems to be able to read the NAND.bin, it just wont extract.

    I also ran the NAND.bin file in Wii FlashToolz v0.3, and it reads it...however in this program it says I have 0 bad blocks...but in ohneschwanzenegger it says I have 4, which is confirmed from my original NAND dump. It is my understanding that the bad block location must be kept the same between NANDS. Is this actually something to be worried about? Either way, I get an "illegal characters in path" error everytime I try to extract the new NAND. I'm worried this new NAND is corrupt somehow, and I dont want to flash my wii with it. Any help and suggestions is appreciated!

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