Official DS Expanson Pak + GBA Game?

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm wondering if one homebrew actually use the official NDS expansion pak (found with the cartridge of opera nds browser).

    And also if something like the GBA exploader was possible (maybe to run up to 8MB GBA games)?

    Would be nice if someone was capable to develop this kind of software (as I believe putting data on the official expansion pak is as easy as putting data on the ez 3in1)...

    So does even one homebrew use it? [​IMG]

    EDIT: Well I checked some hombrew... already found two compatible: SnemulDS and picodrive.

    Maybe others are compatible?

    EDIT2: Found the answer to my GBA related question:
    So now I only search homebrew that use this ram pak if you know them (maybe a list)...
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    nvm you already found out
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    Quake I might be able to use it, not quite sure. Moonshell can use it for decoding large JPEG images. DSLinux can use it to provide a small amount of extra RAM to prevent programs from crashing when you launch them. That's all I can think of off the top of my head.