ocarina, error: no dvd

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    Mar 9, 2009
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    im goin crazy wid this [​IMG]
    i've been tryin 2 cheat on house of the dead overkill using ocarina...
    followed the many guides found on the internet, still havent got it right.
    As soon as i try to run the dvd through geckos, it says Error: No dvd
    ???????????why, does anyone know?????????

    dloaded the txt file from usbgecko.com, used the windows application
    and exported the gct file to the sd card and everything.
    Is it cause im tryin to run a backup?
  2. saaif88

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    Mar 5, 2009
    ocarina can't run on backups unless you're using backup launcher 0.3 because that actually adds a hook to the disc channel to run backups, and ocarina loads games from the disc channel, not gecko os and backup launcher 0.3 patches the disc channel temporarily so it can run backups and it disables when you turn off youre wii but gecko os doesn't have any hooks.

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    oh and youre hook type has to be VI
  3. luser404

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    Mar 14, 2009
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    Ocarina is built into Backup Launcher Gamma. Load up Gamma and go into "config options". Enable Ocarina. Set Hooktype to VI. Exit options menu. Press B to launch the rebooter. You should see a message "searching for SD codes....SD codes found, applying..." if you do it right.

    Now launch the game from the disk channel; your cheats should be active now. Note that not all games with cheat codes will work with gamma, but most do.