O3ds xl black screen/Brick after update

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    ok so i tried to update sysnand and it dod not go well.
    i downloaded update ver 9.0 in the form of a bunch of cia files from 3dnus and launched rxtools into sysnand mode and installed all the cia at once using L+R+A in bigbluemenu (titlemanager) and some of the apps says title already installed and after it finished the installation i rebooted and was greeted with a black screen and power lightbut thats all it does. recovery mode doent work (never did work) cant do anything with it. i did make a nand backup before but i dont have any tools to restore it with...
  2. VerseHell

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    Jun 29, 2014
    2 mistakes you did :
    - You used the rxmode instead of the devmode
    - You used a cia manager instead of sysupdater.
    This has been repeated many times, you should have searched first...
    Now your only option is an hardware mod.
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    You should also have downloaded the cia files from that iso site cause 3DNUS is missing some files for older sysnand versions.
    AND you should have searched/asked first before doing so, like @VerseHell said:
    - DEVMODE in rxTools
    - Then install FBI cia manager to install "sysupdater"
    - Then use sysupdater to update your 3DS
    (You first needed to download the 9.2 system cia files from that iso sitre and put them on your 3DS SD)