RELEASE NXhactool - hactool built as a nro/nso with libnx!

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    Dec 28, 2017
    Hi again! I've finally managed to port hactool as a homebrew app!
    • Original source by mbedtls and SciresM, who really made a great work with this cmd-line tool
    • Originally grabbed from another libnx project which used some mbedtls/hactool stuff for deriving keys
    Modified stuff:
    • Changed all return/exit for Await function to avoid instant closes
    • Added consoleInit and gfxInit as libnx needs them
    • Added credits to usage text
    • Changed program name to NXhactool
    • All includes are included from "hactool.hpp" to make embedding easy (I'm embedding them in NSPower too)
    • The rest is just hactool's main.c's source plus its libs and mbedtls libs, grabbed from hactool v1.2.0
    This is just a fast port, enjoy! Also, be free to try embedding/forking this project!

    IMPORTANT! NXhactool anyway asks for args, so it should be called from nxlink!
    Example nxlink command:
    nxlink -a NXhactool.nro --args "-t nca -k sdmc:/mykeys.ini sdmc:/myrom.nca"
    GitHub repository:
    GitHub release:

    Enjoy! Btw, this hasn't been tested yet as it's a fast port of hactool!
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    Good work as always .