NTR CFW Streaming Setup Suggestions?

Discussion in '3DS - Homebrew Development and Emulators' started by Master Dimentio, Sep 10, 2016.

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    Feb 17, 2016
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    Hi. I'm using the nitro stream version of the NTR CFW for streaming and recording myself playing games on my 3ds. My room where i keep my laptop is right below where the router is but I extend the signal with a linksys signal booster which has an ethernet line going from that to my laptop. Last I did a speed test on testmyspeed.com I got a download speed of over 100 mb/s. So now Im asking what would be the ideal settings for me to use in nitro? Regardless of what settings i use though it always starts by constantly dropping a huge number of frames before leveling out at around 0 frames dropped. Any advice?
  2. KotuMF

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    Sep 8, 2016
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    Just leave everything normal, except the Quality of Service Value, which should be 101. Quality of Service above 100 disables and it just outputs the most it can. Download speed shouldn't matter; however, it should be your upload speed that should matter.
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    internet connection has nothing to do with it. since it never leave your network.
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    Jun 30, 2016
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    Best advice I can give? Literally have nothing else wirelessly connected to the network. It seems to be the only way I can keep my frames relatively high - and that's through 2 rooms so I know i'm pushing it. New router gave us 2.4 and 5ghz, so we switched literally everything to the 5ghz and had just the 3ds on the 2.4. Does well.