[NTR CFW] No effect on games loaded from SD card

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  1. z3nlim

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    Aug 22, 2018
    Hi guys,

    Here are my specs.

    New 3DS XL
    11.8 firmware
    Luma 9.1
    NTR CFW 3.6

    NTR cheat menu will load and work on my original game cartridges (tested on MHGen and MH3U)
    NTR cheat menu will load but will NOT work when game is launched via SD card (tested on MHXX, MHGen, Azure Striker 2)

    I tried days looking for a solution but I can't find any topics or thread similar to mine.

    I would gladly appreciate any help or advice. Thanks!
  2. ConKonner

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    Aug 15, 2018
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    Make sure NTR is up to date

    Certain SD cards like Kingston won't work with the 3ds

    Make sure God mode 9 is updated as well.

    Try reformatting your SD card...that poop guy know the recommended format style or just search for it on the fourms or google.
  3. ThoD

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    Sep 8, 2017
    By not work are you talking about just the cheat menu itself (plugin) but NTR does work (X+Y menu)? If so, make sure your cheat plugins are for the same version you are playing (IDs, game version, region, etc.). Also, other menus can be accessed by pressing Select on some plugins and some through the X+Y menu, so make sure it's not that. Besides that, all I can think of is making sure the plugins aren't broken or something. If you mean NTR as a whole doesn't work though, just try to load the game again as it's pretty buggy so often won't load properly.
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